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What Makes the Best Email Marketing Service?

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Email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, it has become a crucial business aspect now that a global health crisis has loomed large. With many people opting to send and receive emails, businesses must ensure having someone to communicate with them promptly. This is but good customer service, which will surely go a long way. Now, get the best email marketing service for your business to bounce back and thrive amid the threat of the virus.

Is your business up for a product launch? Want to reach wider audience to market your next big selling event? Need more newsletter subscribers? Outsource your email marketing campaigns now!

What should you know about getting email marketing solution? What benefits will you gain when you outsource your tasks to an email marketing manager? Read on.

Why Hire the Best Email Marketing Service?

First of all, email marketing is going strong these days, linking business owners and customers when they can’t be physically present to deal with one another. It bridges the gap in response to people’s need for product information and today’s essentials.

Here are the other major perks of sourcing your email campaigns to a digital marketer or a virtual assistant who specializes in email marketing:

  • Customized contents

Email marketing lets you create tailored campaigns and targeted contents for your audience. One small detail that you can tailor to capture their interest is the greeting or salutation section. Based on studies, personalized emails are likely to get higher click-through rate than having general contents. You may also include the name anywhere in the email’s body as if you’re talking directly to them.

  • Timely campaigns

Email marketing managers know how to entice people with contents sent at the right time. This becomes possible as digital marketing doesn’t take long to plan compared with the traditional marketing campaign.

  • Focused on the brand

Consistency is key in order to achieve your target market’s trust. Hence, your email should always be consistent with your brand or website. Branded emails—those containing your logo and tagline and your usual message—seldom get unsubscribed.

  • Proper images

Email marketers know how to optimize email content, be it a text or an image. With a pro working on it, you’re sure to have the right images on it, plus alt-texts and links to maximize your email’s optimization effort.

  • Effective CTAs

Business emails are nothing without calls to action (CTAs), a factor that determines how effective the campaign is. Any CTA must align with your goals, thus button CTAs (primary CTA) should be compelling enough to force email recipients to act in your favor. Optimize your CTAs, too, and include text links to ramp up the number of clicks.

With all these things applied in your email marketing campaigns, you’re getting closer to the following results:

  • Bigger number of subscribers
  • Increased leads
  • Site traffic generation
  • Improved sales
The best email marketing service gives businesses sales increase

What Makes It Successful?

It takes great cleverness to write a brilliant email marketing campaign. You’ll know how well-written it is if it attracts people—if they pick it up from their busy inboxes. Now, it’s effective if the email gets read, clicked, and shared!

Here are a few pointers to help you create an efficient campaign:

  1. Find the right email marketing platform.

There are many email builders to choose for your campaign and your success depends on your choice. Hence, you have to ponder on things and weigh how they can help advance your marketing goals. These include email marketing tools and email automation, among others.

  1. Make your content relevant.

The content of your business email matters. Beyond keeping your branding statement and talking about your message, your content—a video, poll or survey, or quiz—must always be relevant to your target recipients.

  1. Persuade email recipients to sign up.

How will you do it? You may offer them free downloads or e-books, send email series on product updates, and the likes. Besides pitching a product, your email must also include the benefits they’ll get when they subscribe to your newsletter. Don’t forget to put the stirring CTAs!

  1. Ensure it works well with all devices.

Since people are using different devices and gadgets when accessing their emails, you need to make sure they’re designed for mobile phones, desktops, and tablet computers.

Outsource Now!

Running an email list isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s not just about sending to an email address and putting text anchors to direct users to your landing pages. It’s all about customer engagement and sales!

Can’t strategize on your own? Hire our virtual assistant and experience the best email marketing service!

At Outsource-Philippines, we offer email marketing management service to help convert email leads into patrons! We deliver optimized contents and targeted strategies for you to gain increased traffic and improved presence! Let’s do it!

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