Which Social Media Platform Suits Your Business Best

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People normally suggest that if you want to establish brand awareness for your business, you need to incorporate your marketing strategies with popular social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, they all work effectively. But it’s not strongly advised for you to use them all unless you have limitless resources. So the question is, “Which suits me best?

To help you answer this question, consider these simple tips:

• Identify the size of your budget.
• Ask yourself these questions:
Do you have time to maintain your brand’s social media accounts?”
“Is there someone who will run your business?”
“Are you going to outsource some non-core tasks?
• Determine which social media platform is most relevant to your business.
• Focus on your business as you learn to maximize social media.
• Don’t rush; it takes time for your social media efforts to take effect and show results.


Most Common Users: Teenagers, senior citizens*
What to Share: All types of online content, ads, and events
Ideal for: Advertising, page promoting, content sharing, and customer engaging

Just because Facebook is the most popular social media network doesn’t mean it should be your first pick. But if your business entertains a large demographic (i.e. international, all ages, etc.) yet mainly focuses on teenagers or senior citizens, then this will suit you best.


Most Common Users: Male millennials*
What to Share: Lead conversations to interact directly to brands and consumers.
Ideal for: Communicating actively with users, leading discussion-worthy topics

According to KeriLynn Engel, a valued contributor in Business 2 Community, if you’re trying to reach millennials, especially men, then Twitter might be a good platform for your business. But first take a look around the website community to see if your target market is present and will participate.


Most Common Users: Technology-oriented males (i.e. IT Professionals, Engineers, Designers, etc.)*
What to Share: More formal content than those on Facebook; including hashtags adds to search value.
Ideal for: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you own a local business and you want your social media activities to have direct SEO benefits, Google Plus may be perfect for you. You just need to verify your business’ information such as website URL, contact information, open hours, and so on.


Most Common Users: Job seekers, Recruiters
What to Share: Job postings, company descriptions, employer/employee research
Ideal for: Generating business-to-business (B2B) leads

If you want to involve your company with other businesses while looking for potential candidates to become part of your team, LinkedIn is the answer. Just remember that your organization should be credible and professional.


Most Common Users: Older millennials and gen-X females*
What to Share: Visual content related to fashion, food, DIY, design, or travel.
Ideal for: Fashion, e-commerce, retail, beauty, and food businesses

Pinterest is mostly used by women from ages 30 to 50 years old. If you own a retail shop, beauty store, or restaurant, this will help attract your target market. According to a Washington-based professional, Neil Patel, 92% of pins are made by women and 70% of them use this website for shopping inspiration.

Every social networking site can be help a business grow. But to make the most of your marketing strategy, you have to consider your business’ requirements to find the right platform. Still confused? Outsource-Philippines can lend you a hand! Contact us now!

*According to Business 2 Community




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