Types of Marketing Collateral You Should Outsource

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Your business needs marketing collateral to aid the sales of your products or services. But to succeed, you must plan and prepare the materials you need. With the right tool for your target audience, you’ll get to enjoy these perks:

  • Generate leads
  • Market new products and services
  • Win new customers
  • Re-engage existing customers
  • Make your brand more recognizable

Intrigued of what marketing collateral is? Here’s a guide of how mid- to large-sized business owners like you can make the best out of its plus points.

What is Marketing Collateral?

Any media material used to promote a product or service is considered as sales support tool. You can regard anything you can use to convey your brand’s message as marketing collateral.


Though it helps to support your marketing and sales efforts, these promotional products serve different purposes for your various audience segments depending on how far they are in the sales funnel. Some might be ready to buy while others are just weighing their options. So, it’s crucial for you to address each group with various tools fit for where they are in their journey.

Marketing Collateral Types

These tools are divided into two types—online and offline tools.

E-book as online marketing collateral type


1. Biographies
2. Blog Posts
3. Case studies
4. Company awards and background
5. E-books and downloadable PDFs
6. Email signature
7. Explainer videos
8. Landing pages
9. Partner or vendor list
10. Mission statement
11. Newsletters
12. Portfolio
13. Press mentions/clip file
14. Press releases
15. Price list
16. Product comparison pages
17. Product catalogs
18. Testimonials and reviews
19. Sales presentations
20. Warranty sheet
21. Website
22. White papers


1. Brochures
2. Business cards
3. Calendars
4. Company folders
5. Product/service fact sheets
6. Direct mail
7. Branded envelopes
8. Flyers
9. Point-of-sale displays

Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing Collateral

Outsourcing button to represent outsourcing marketing collateral

Most firms used to rely on old marketing methods such as printed materials for lack of options. But these tools have changed over the years. The digital age has produced many ways for brands to reach more consumers than ever.

These days, corporate branding is vital everywhere within a business, and so are the materials that support it. Marketing tools affect how your customer view your business so it’s crucial to put your best foot forward.

But if you and your staff already have too much on your plate, outsourced advertising might be a wise move. Here are good reasons to hire an offshore team:

1. Work with skilled experts.

Though sales and marketing are inextricably linked, they are two business functions that bridging a wide knowledge gap might cause failed campaigns and lost profit. When you outsource, you get to work with seasoned experts who got digital marketing down pat.

2. Benefit from lesser cost and reduced risks.

Dealing with each channel and type of marketing collateral while focusing on the core aspects of your business can drain you. Hiring an offshore team frees you from the risks of mismatched marketing and saves you from having to recruit and train multiple staff.

3. Enjoy consistent and latest services.

Since selling marketing solutions is the income source of these outsourcing firms, you are assured of consistent and updated services. Hiring them will also give you access to the latest tactics and tools that they use to outdo their rivals.

Hiring Outsource-Philippines

Content marketing plays a big role in creating successful marketing tools. B2B Content Marketing states that 72% of marketers said that having a good content plan was a major key to their success in 2018.

To boost your chances of taking part in this success, hire content writing services from a trusted firm like Outsource-Philippines. We provide a wide range of marketing tools written by our seasoned content writers. Request a free quote to know more about our services.

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