Outsourcing to Social Media Virtual Assistants: Easy as ABC

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Social media is a marvelous technology that is now empowering many business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide. It is an effective means of transferring information and details regarding one’s business activities and programs to another individual or group. Social media maintenance can be time-consuming since you need to ensure and monitor the improvement of your online standing. You can avoid being tied to this routine task by considering outsourcing to a social media virtual assistant.

What Is A Social Media Virtual Assistant?

A social media virtual assistant is an administrative professional providing assistance and support services such as event planning, search engine optimization (SEO), and correspondence. These professionals have also included social media services in their packages and other online presence promotions.

Social media people (or assistants) are individuals handling your online presence or visibility through the use of forums, blogs, social bookmarking links, podcasts, and many others.

Spending some dimes for a social media person can be doubtful since you never know if you’re going to get your money’s worth. Nonetheless, instead of worrying yourself with the possible cost of outsourcing your social media, you should think about the benefits of outsourcing such a time-consuming task.

So why should you consider outsourcing to a social media virtual assistant? Basically, these activities are being outsourced to:

  • Get things done quickly.
  • Create a stronger marketing brand and image.
  • Reach a wider and bigger range of potential customers and audiences.
  • Give yourself time to focus more on your competencies.

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Since your online presence is essential to you and to your business, care must be exhibited in choosing the appropriate social media service provider for your needs. Therefore, you need to know the things that you should do in order to find the right person who would perform your social media plans. Here are some tips that can help you to identify the right virtual secretary for your needs:

1. Know what you want.

The first thing that you have to do is to define your needs. It is important that you first identify the goals that you want to achieve before going to the selection process.

For instance, what are the things that you want to achieve? Do you need to have thousands of followers in your social networks, have quality links, video sharing, or have top-notch blog posts? Having a specific and definite goal in mind can help you get the right person who would do the job.

2. Check their online reputation.

You need the best and reputable social media virtual assistant that can give improvements to your online presence. Therefore, you should ensure that you first check the reputation of a virtual assistant online (whether via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts) before actually hiring them. There’s no use working for a virtual assistant who claims to have specialization on social media if they have zero reputation on the web.

3. Hire the expert.

Yes, you may have the manpower or employees to whom you can delegate these tasks. Nonetheless, when you compute the cost-benefit ratio, you’ll be surprised that you’d be better off if you would outsource these tasks.

4. Read and get testimonials.

Increasing your page rank to #1 is a long time process and takes a lot of hard work and dedication before the effects materialize. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get the right and appropriate person to do the job.

Therefore, you need to know if the person you’re going to hire can do his job effectively. That’s where testimonials come in. You need to check with that person’s past clients and get their feedback before you actually hire that individual to undertake your tasks.

5. Beware of cons.

Due to the boom in the outsourcing industry, websites and individuals pop out claiming that they’re the “experts” or “gurus” when it comes to social media management. Don’t rush to the phone to call them. You need to ensure that they are legitimate providers or they have the capacity to provide the services you needed before you actually hire them.

It is important that you see results in their works and know they are professional enough to handle such job. If they can’t take the time off to discuss your needs, expectations, plans, or even questions, then it would be better to check on the next person in your list.

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