IT Outsourcing Solutions: Services Plus the Pros and Cons

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As more consumers favor using modern tools, you have to be tech-savvy to win the race. But since technology demands strong skills, firms opt to hire IT outsourcing services to handle complex tasks that are out of their field. If you plan to do the same, check out the basic details, the list of services that you can outsource, and the pros and cons to your business.

Defining IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is a company’s method of seeking resources or subcontracts of an IT function or services from other people or firms. Instead of keeping those functions in-house, companies outsource for reasons such as cost reduction and lack of resources.

Examples of IT Outsourcing Services

1. Virtual Assistance

    • – may include customer support, e-mail support, virtual secretarial, live chat support, and other admin tasks that are too much for you to handle. This frees you from micro tasks and lets you focus on more your core operations

2. Data Processing
– may include web scraping, data mining, data entry, and document conversion on your unorganized data into usable bits of info. Experts can help you extract, analyze, and process a large volume or new data for your research.

3. Content Writing
– may include an article, blog, web content, press release, resume, and grant proposal writing that’s hard to do if you don’t have experience. Outsourced content writers can help you express and convey your message clearly. Living up to their reputations, most of their contents are well-researched and SEO-friendly, too.

4. Digital Marketing
– may include a search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay-per-click services to help your brand make noise online. This can help you reach more people, generate more leads, and get customer conversions.

5. Graphic Design
– may include logo design, social media covers, and graphic arts that you may not constantly need in your business. Outsourcing them to experts can help you cut costs while getting quality designs that reflect your brand and business.

6. Web Development
– may include custom WordPress web design, content management system, and custom web development services that can transform your web pages into a mobile responsive site. It can also help you with page loading issues and attract more people to your website.

Pros and Cons of Hiring IT Outsourcing Services

The Pros

Expert Staff
– Outsourcing gives you the right to use the vendor’s pool of seasoned and skilled staff that designs, applies, and fixes business solutions every day.

Lower Costs
– It gives financial gains such as a slimmer overhead, bulk buying, leasing options, software licenses, and compliance with the rules.

Refocused Tasks
– It allows you and your staff to focus more on the core tasks of the business and yields growth in the quality and quantity of your work output.

The Cons

Project Delays

    • – Since you’re not their only client, the workload may cause delays in the project and may damage the internal and external functions of your business.

Hidden Costs
– Sad but true, anything not covered by your contract may have hidden charges. You can prevent this, but may still go out of your control.

Security Risks
– Since you’re taking in more outsiders in the course, the risk of misuse or exposure of private data grows, too.

Where to Outsource

Providers of IT outsourcing services are everywhere these days. But if you’re looking for one that you can trust, try Outsource-Philippines. Known as one of the most dynamic players of IT outsourcing to the Philippines, we keep our promise to deliver quality output on time without hidden costs. For more details about our services, visit

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