Digital Marketing and Customer Service—Like Salt and Pepper

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“Sometimes, opposites attract and find out they’re not as opposite as they thought…”
– Allie Brennan/ Canadian Author, Tight Knit

Customer Service and Digital Marketing are two different departments in a company. However, they go hand-in-hand when providing quality service to its customers. To further understand this, here are some of the benefits they provide in a business:

Delivers Superior Customer Service Experience

When clients experience bad customer service, it will critically affect the business’ credibility. That is why digital marketing is there, to ensure efficient and consistent communication and service. The need to jump through hoops to get answers is no longer necessary. Things are easier for the customer, as well as the provider.

Speeds Up the Problem-Solving Process

Customer satisfaction doesn’t only lie with the quality of service, but how quick the provider is in attending to his/her client’s concerns. Think of how infuriating it is when you have to wait (and listen to repetitive and irritating background music) for 5 minutes or more just to have your problem fixed. Having two departments work together to deal with customer issues accelerates the entire operation.

Customer Service > Retention

According to a research conducted by Bain & Company, an international management consulting firm, it takes 6 or 7 times more effort to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. Nonetheless, customer retention can cause problems in the business if they only try to satisfy clients when they have decided they wanted to leave.

So, instead of waiting for the contract to end or waiting for a problem to arise, why don’t you think of and implement ways early on to ensure clients’ loyalty?

Customer service is important in every industry, especially with digital marketing. How you engage with your network is crucial to your brand’s success. Start optimizing your business to reach its full potential by hiring only the best virtual assistant for digital marketing to ensure both quality and quantity of service.

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