Emojis: Giving Life to the Digital Marketing Industry

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The world and digital marketing evolves daily. People’s interests play a role in the rapid evolution of online marketing campaigns. What was a hit yesterday may no longer be interesting today.

In this digital age, we saw how campaigns went from texts to symbols that show facial expressions called emoticons. This trend changed to more exciting icons termed emojis. Social media’s fame led to their rise and the demand for more tiny images.

New Communication Tools

An emoji can replace a word, giving life to a bland term. With this, firms tapped emojis and added them to their campaigns.

Who does not want to connect with their target audience with novel and exciting yet effective means?

How are emojis changing the game among digital marketers? Here are the most successful digital marketing techniques applied by big brands.

  • Coca Cola – This company collaborated with Twitter to launch the first-ever branded emoji, a pair of soft drink bottles leaning against each other. Tweeps must key in the hashtag #ShareaCoke and the emoji will appear. This technique has set a world record as the largest cheers.
  • Domino’s Pizza – Earlier, consumers placed pizza orders by phone. Today, stores apply the online ordering scheme. A leading pizza chain in the United States is trying a new technique. Domino’s Pizza customers may text or tweet an emoji showing a pizza slice to place their order.
  • Taco Bell – An online petition arguing that burgers and pizzas have their own icons, but tacos do not, started the demand. In mid-2015, Unicode Consortium granted it. Today, taco lovers can display an image of their favorite food on their digital contents.

Emojis changed the digital marketing landscape and improved it further. They conquered the digital world and gave life to the marketing industry. Yet, we are unsure how far they can help or how long will they stay as digital marketing strategy. You should try them and see if they will be effective for your business.

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