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The Cost of Content Writing: Getting What You Pay For

When you outsource content to writers who charge lower than the norm, their outputs usually match the price you pay. This is what any firm or company needs to know about content outsourcing: It’s an investment. Granted, it’s a bargain at first, but the resulting content might shortchange you a great deal.

Let’s suppose the normal content writing cost stands at $5. If you were to hire a content writer, how do you gauge whether you got your money’s worth?

Four Points to Assess Before Investing in Content Outsourcing

While the internet is full of people and companies offering professional writing services worth $5 and below, think twice and proceed with caution. It pays to take extra care before you outsource content writing and sign a contract.

You might wonder: What should I look for in a writing service worth more than $5? Allow us here at Outsource-Philippines to list four main talking points before jumping the gun on content writing outsourcing.

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1. Spotless Grammar

Once you’ve hired a content creator, note the way he communicates both verbally and in writing. This way, you won’t need to figure out whether you’ll have your hands full because of poor grammar. Is his grammar spot-on? Does he construct awkward sentences in his written correspondence?

If you’ve spotted more than one grammar gaffe, then take it as a warning right away. Keep in mind how they communicate, since it reflects how they talk through their content writing.

2. Original Content

Intellectual labor is expensive, and this also includes content outsourcing. Original content means that someone spent quite some time thinking of the subject and creating a piece free from article spinning and plagiarism. Hence, “a penny for your thoughts” might not apply here.

Also, since such content doesn’t come in cheap, writers who charge very little might deliver plagiarized work or content lifted directly from online wiki sites like Wikipedia. They can offer low-priced services because what they do doesn’t require substantial creative exercise.

3. Keyword-Targeted

When we speak of good web content, we talk of content created with the right SEO knowledge. In content outsourcing, keywords are a big plus since a keyword-targeted content helps websites rank in search engines. Even if your content writer prepared the best piece you’ve ever read, it’ll be useless if it doesn’t contain the right keywords. Remember, websites compete to appear on the first page of search engines, so if your content isn’t there, you wouldn’t reach as much audience as you’d hoped for.

4. Style

Everybody’s got their own writing style, but only a few are good enough to suit your marketing needs. Ultimately, content writers aim to meet your needs. If you believe that a spin-off article will best represent your brand, then go for a spin-off. Having that said, you want your web content to be spotless, so an original content might be what you prefer.

Choose the Best Provider of Content Outsourcing Today

Here’s the thing with content outsourcing: Stop pinning your hopes on hiring content writers willing to sell their talents for $5. Good writers know there’s enough market for them. Yes, many people out there claim they can write quality contents for a lower price. Sometimes, though, their output needs massive rework that you’re better off asking your grade-school nephew to write one instead.

If you believe that building your brand matters, go for quality instead of looking for the cheapest service out there. As the best outsourcing company in the Philippines, we offer content writing services that suit your diverse needs. Outsourcing your writing services is an investment. You might need to pay more than $5, but you can expect the quality to be worth it.

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