6 Deadly Google AdWords Mistakes and the Best Ways to Fix Them

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Google AdWords is a potent tool for driving sales and reaching new customers, but it can also be a huge waste of money when used incorrectly. This list includes the top missteps that thwart your efforts in deploying Google AdWords. Read on and discover the best ways on how to fix them.

Google AdWords Blunders to Shun

1. Not Using the Right Keyword Matches

The type of match you use – broad, phrase, or exact–will have a big impact on your ads. It’s wiser to begin with exact match and then expand phrase and broad matches as needed. If exact matches won’t give you enough impressions and conversions, then you can add the terms as a phrase match and eventually as a broad match. In contrast, if broad matches won’t give you good results, you can scale back to use only exact and/or phrase matches.

2. Not Trusting Numbers More than Your Creativity

Always put your ad copy to test. Once you have a winner, turn off the loser and change the copy again. Strive harder and try to beat the winner until you’re happy with the results. The outcome of testing may even surprise you for it can eventually lead to doubling your own conversion rates and halving your cost per purchase.

digital marketer computing conversion rates and costs

3. Not Segmenting by Devices

By default, newly created campaigns in Google AdWords will show on all types of devices. The safest move is to create separate ads and landing pages for desktops and mobile users. Next is to optimize your campaigns to get the best conversions from each type of traffic. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then it’s better to block off mobile traffic completely.

4. Not Using Negative Keywords

Negative keywords let you block your ads from appearing when searches include certain words. To know the words that you should exclude, you need to dig into Google Analytics since it has more detailed info about specific keyword searches. Once you find the ones that aren’t converting, see if you can add a negative keyword to remove that keyword without excluding terms that are performing well.

5. Not Researching Keywords Properly

Keyword research is essential within the Google AdWords Search Network. Your account won’t perform well if you’re not targeting the most relevant terms to your products and services as well as to what your customers are searching for. You need to look at your goods, determine a base list of relevant terms, and use keyword tools to understand what variations of them people are using when they search. Utilizing your own site’s search reporting in Google Analytics and Google Search Console will also give you an idea of what’s relevant to you and your customers.

improper keywords are big google adwords mistakes

6. Lack of Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to add more to your ads without extra costs. They include locator maps, site maps, phone numbers, and address to your ad. Research shows that it can also help boost your click-through-rate and conversions while giving your visitors added options for interacting with your site. Review your targeted ads. Know your priorities and seek places where you can use ad extensions to stand out against your competitors. Look at what extensions they use and try to improve them.

Heeding these tips and hiring expert pay-per-click services will help you avoid the common pitfalls with Google AdWords and optimize your campaigns. Contact us for more info about our offers.