How to Find and Hire Filipino Virtual Assistants for Your Needs (and Why It’s a Wise Choice)

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The fierce competition of today makes it much more difficult for businesses to be the best. Rapidly changing times necessitate considerable efforts to produce new plans. To thrive, businesses must adapt to marketing trends, new technologies, and compete with global standards.

Many businesses now hire remote workers to fulfill tasks, and hiring a Filipino virtual assistant is the way to go for a multitude of reasons. Outsourcing has changed the commercial landscape in many ways. Experts say it’s one of the most efficient corporate methods for lowering operational costs while increasing “in-house” services. Moreover, the Philippines consistently outperforms expectations on the Global Competitiveness Index, making the country an excellent choice for outsourcing writing, content, and communication work.

Why the Philippines Excels at BPO

With its continued growth projected to overtake overseas Filipino workers (OFW) remittances, it’s no surprise that the Philippines is regarded as a powerhouse in the BPO industry. Moreover, when it comes to work ethic, Filipinos are among the best, providing professional-level services that match businesses’ various needs and standards. To top it off, the general services are deemed less expensive than those provided by other suppliers, making it an even tougher deal to pass up on.

The country’s BPO industry has been active since the early 1990s, with many businesses growing to become top international service providers. Apart from companies established in the Philippines’ capital, Manila, the BPO industry has spread to other parts of the country.

In addition to excellent language skills, virtual assistants based in the Philippines possess high levels of education.

Download the infographic about The Reasons to Hire Filipino VAs.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant

Recruiting virtual assistants is not the same as recruiting in-house staff. As an umbrella rule, you should know it is a unique experience. Therefore, before hiring a virtual assistant, think about a few factors. Still, you need to carefully consider other issues before working with a virtual assistant in the Philippines, such as how you will pay them and whether you prefer that they work in your time zone.

1. Understand your needs.

You need to first identify what you need, such as what your VA will specifically work on. Decide which administrative tasks you want your virtual assistant to handle. Activities could include managing social media accounts, updating material or data entry jobs, communicating with consumers, and so on. You can find a Filipino virtual assistant VA that can meet all of your needs — once you know what your needs are.

2. Decide on your budget.

Although employing Filipino virtual assistants is indeed cost-effective, you need to determine your budget carefully. How much can you afford to pay for the services they provide? How many hours per week do you require them to work? Filipino virtual assistants are paid by the hour as well. You should also keep in mind that each position has a different pay rate. Consider how much money you can set aside for your virtual workforce.

3. Choose a virtual assistant who can multitask and produce quality results.

There are many types of assistants available. It is advisable that you look into what each one does to decide whether it is something you require in your business. Some assistants have extensive experience in SEO and others in marketing; yet others may be more marketing-focused, and still others may handle both. Additionally, check to see if the VA you’re considering hiring is already participating in social media activities or has some experience working as a VA.

4. Judge the quality of your VA’s work.

To determine what a VA is capable of, you need to check the quality. Make certain that the person you intend to recruit is capable of doing the tasks you require and has substantial experience in this field. Request references and conduct interviews with all prospects to do this. Choose someone who has a proven track record of success and who you believe can match your requirements. Once you’ve completed this procedure, you’ll know you’ve chosen the right selection for your company.

5. Choose someone who understands your business.

The Filipino VAs you choose should be familiar with the business so that they don’t hesitate to communicate with your target audience. The easier it is for them to comprehend your business, the easier it is for them to explain your needs.

filipino virtual assistant working at home

How to Hire Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

Finding the perfect VA from the proper virtual assistant agency in the Philippines is dependent on what you require and how much time and money you are willing to invest in the process.

Here’s a step-by-step process of how to hire virtual assistants in the Philippines.

1. Determine the type of work you need.

Make a list of tasks that would be easy for someone to do off-site. This may include data entry, accounting and bookkeeping, or data annotation.

2. Look for a VA.

There are lots of options when choosing a virtual assistant in the Philippines. You can create a job listing or search for virtual assistants who suit your criteria on online job platforms.

3. Review their resumes and portfolios.

When you receive applications or proposals from virtual assistants, go over their resumes and profiles. Look for applicants with great communication abilities along with the experience in the things you need help with.

4. Conduct interviews.

Conduct interviews with the virtual assistants you want to hire after reviewing their credentials and profiles. This can be done through video calls or messaging apps. During the interview, inquire about their experience, talents, and availability, and provide further information about the role’s tasks and expectations.

5. Onboard your hire.

Once you’ve decided on a virtual assistant, give them an assignment along with onboarding. This may include defining communication channels, providing access to tools and software, and clarifying expectations and goals for the role. Sending a locally compliant contracting agreement to your VA in the Philippines is the simplest approach to hire them.

two Filipino VAs communicating with clients online

Managing Your Team of Filipino Virtual Assistants

Management is an art form. So, how can you efficiently manage a virtual assistant based overseas? It’s not difficult, but there is a structure to follow.

Be clear on what you want done and when you need it.

VAs will do precisely what they are asked to do; if you aren’t getting the desired results from your virtual assistant, consider if the information provided to them was simple and clear, or whether they did actually accomplish exactly what you asked them to do. Having clear, defined procedures will help you address this.

Utilize online management and sharing tools.

Use checklists and templates, as well as online task-sharing tools, to help you. You do not need to micromanage, but you do need tools (structure) at your disposal to provide you with a thorough perspective of what your Filipino VA is doing for you and where they may get stuck or want your assistance.

Provide effective feedback and regular communication.

No matter how good your procedures and instructions are, errors will happen at some point. Clear feedback, alongside a high level of empathy, will result in positive long-term effects. You don’t want to be too harsh with your feedback for fear of offending your VA, but you also don’t want to be too soft. Giving effective feedback is as necessary as delegating the task in the first place.

The Best Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

There are many dependable VA companies in the Philippines. If you’re a business owner trying to extend your operations, consider working with these Filipino virtual assistant businesses.

1. Outsource-Philippines

Outsource-Philippines is one of the Philippines’ top and most trusted outsourcing organizations. They are home to professionals that are specialists in a variety of fields. Adding to that, they have top-of-the-line facilities and technology to ensure that they only deliver the finest solution to your business’s needs. As such, Outsource-Philippines provides high-quality outsourcing services that can help your business rise above the competition.

2. Taskbullet

TaskBullet hires Filipino specialists to help your company with accounting, administrative assistance, content writing, social media marketing, and data entry. They have helpful VAs who can assist you in completing your tasks efficiently and on time.

3. Virtual Staff Finder

Virtual Staff Finder has been in the business for a long time, making them a good choice for a VA firm. With over 8,000 virtual assistants available on this site, you can be sure to choose a dependable one for your operations.

4. Virtual Coworker

Despite being a startup company, Virtual Coworker has nonetheless established a name as one of the most well-known virtual assistant companies in the Philippines. The hiring procedure is streamlined, allowing you to choose and select the Filipino virtual assistant to your liking based on skills and experience.

5. Remote CoWorker

With more than 10 years in the business, Remote CoWorker prides itself with top-notch virtual assistant services. They house a team of Filipino VAs who can expertly cater to your diverse needs.

a smiling Filipino virtual assistant

Partner with Outsource-Philippines, the Leading VA Company in the Country

Businesses always have a hard patch in the start of their journey. With the rise of remote work environments, many businesses around the world have begun eyeing virtual assistants as a viable investment. More and more businesses are trying to maintain their operations by hiring personnel who can manage the work despite being located in another country. It’s great that finding a virtual assistant is easier than ever. Doing all the work yourself is no longer essential because a few of people or a team can do it for you.

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