Outsourcing Services in the Philippines: Why Hire Filipino Workers?

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Aside from being one of the top outsourcing locations, the Philippines also considers the Filipino workers as the country’s greatest asset. It takes pride in providing globally competitive staff capable of handling overwhelming business demands.

The BPO Industry in the Philippines

Outsourcing has transformed the business landscape in many ways. Experts deem it as one of the most effective business tactics that reduce operating cost while improving “in-house” services.

Over the years, the Philippines has become one of the most influential players in the BPO industry. Tholons, a services globalization and investment advisory firm, listed the Philippines as one of the “Top 50 Digital Nations” and included 6 of its main cities in the “Top 100 Super Cities” of 2018.

Filipino Workers - Tholons' Top 50 Digital Nations 2018
Top 10 List from Tholons Services Globalization COUNTRY INDEX – 2018





Manila 4th 2nd
Cebu City 12th 11th
Davao City 85th 75th
Santa Rosa City 100th 87th
Bacolod City 97th 89th
Iloilo City 92th

Data from Tholons Services Globalization COUNTRY INDEX – 2018

Filipino Workers in the Global Workforce

Busy road full of Filipino workers

Anywhere in the world and in whatever job they do, people identify Filipinos as hospitable, cheerful, optimistic, and resilient. Due to these distinct traits, many people and firms prefer hiring Filipino workers than other races.

Why Filipino Workers Are the Top Pick in Outsourcing

Despite local and global issues threatening the stability of the BPO-KPO industries in the Philippines, Filipino BPO employees remain unfazed. Apart from the country’s diverse culture and unrivaled work traits, below are some of the reasons Filipino workers are the top pick in the BPO industry.

1. English Language Proficiency

The Philippines was a US colony from 1898 to 1946. Thus, English is one of the country’s widely-spoken languages making it an advantage for BPO companies to deliver non-voice and voice-based outsourcing services.

2. Promising Location

Education is among the top priorities of every Filipino. Its high literacy rate of 96.29% implies a large talent pool of high-skilled workforce capable of exceeding business expectations.

3. Competitive Labor Rates

The Philippines is one of the most cost-effective labor spots for IT and BPO services in the world. The country’s worker compensation cost is almost tenth to a fifth lower than those of domestic US operation.

4. Service-Oriented Staff

The foremost reason foreign firms choose to outsource in the country is the Filipinos’ work ethics. They are known for being service-oriented and diligent. According to Jane Lockwood—an associate professor at the City University of Hong Kong—Filipino workers go out their way to ensure people are well looked after. The Philippines has a fantastic service culture, a vital point in keeping each client satisfied, she added.

Indeed, the Philippines has established itself in the global BPO market. Needless to say, the outsourcing industry will continue to flourish in the country in the coming years. Having such viable and devoted Filipino workers is the key in taking your firm to greater heights. Now, would you entrust your business to other countries?

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Photo by Bash Carlos on Unsplash