Business Process Outsourcing: Ethical or Unethical?

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Outsourcing and offshoring are, indeed, the current trend today. Many large and small companies, including those in the start-up stage, are continuously outsourcing most of their business processes. These companies have various reasons for doing so. Primarily, they intent to cut personnel costs or they would like to double their outputs in the same amount of time.

Even though it remains as a growing and evolving trend in most industries today, there are some who feel that BPO is unethical. Here are the primary reasons why they think business process outsourcing is unethical.

It leads to job loss

More specifically, the jobs that should have been given to locals are outsourced to other places and even abroad. As a result, unemployed locals will settle for low wage or underpaid jobs to compensate for the daily living expenses.

It involves inappropriate work environment.

Most outsourcing companies, especially those that are in the start-up phase, have poor work environments. Instead of feeling comfortable and inspired to produce higher quality of products/outputs, employees are provided with a poorly ventilated space. This is considered unethical by many because the poor employees have no choice but to settle with the uncomfortable workspace.

Work hours in night or graveyard shift.

Business process outsourcing companies that cater to business abroad have their employees work in the same time zone with that of their clients. Hence, most outsourcing employees work at the night or graveyard shift. This is unethical to some because of the health effects it may bring to the employees.

Despite these issues, others still don’t think that business process outsourcing is unethical. In fact, business process outsourcing continues to thrive and progress. Large and established outsourcing companies are not hampered nor affected by these issues because they make sure that they treat their employees well and generate more job opportunities.

Well, it’s up to you to decide whether business process outsourcing is ethical or unethical. However, whether it will be depicted as ethical or unethical, one thing will remain. Business process outsourcing will continue to be a friend and ally to businesses.