The Philippines’ BPO Industry Performance Amidst Global Challenges

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As the world faces challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have limited their work operations. With lockdowns and health protocols in place, firms have no other choice but to employ remote work settings or file for temporary shutdown. While these events affected many employees from various parts of the globe, one industry continues to thrive despite this dilemma—the outsourcing industry. Learn about the Philippines’ BPO industry and how the key players keep up with today’s difficulties.

Status of BPO Industry in the Philippines

Despite the threat of global recession, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) sees a bright future for most BPO jobs in the country. In fact, they expect “the resurgence of the business process outsourcing industry in the country in the coming months.” DOLE states that many big names in the BPO field have already posted thousands of job vacancies to fill up the growing demand.

Apart from that, foreign investors also see the potential of outsourcing services in the country. ANC News reports that British investors and foreign BPO clients remain to see business prospects in the Philippines, making our country the next BPO destination amidst the outbreak.

If the trends maintain their good standing despite the global crisis, BPO companies in the country will thrive for years to come. However, we must all keep our eyes open on numerous threats that could hinder its success.

Threats to Philippines’ BPO Services

Skills Shortage

Every year, the BPO sector receives hundreds of job applications. However, only few of them pass the hiring process due to lack of proper skills. The BPO sector is highly vulnerable to this problem, especially today where technology grows much faster than expected. Hence, firms receive a great demand to offer outsource services and provide the clients’ needs.


One of the threats that await BPO firms is possible service automation. Since AI solutions are relatively cheaper than hiring staff, some business firms choose this option. This choice has its own pros and cons: Yes, it could be cheaper and faster than hiring customer service staff; but it can’t replace the human element and versatility that a team of experts could provide.

Technical Issues

Working remotely makes us more prone to technical problems, the most common of which is internet connection. Working from home may not be as efficient as working in the office, unless you have stable Wi-Fi.

Ways to Beat Threats to the Philippines’ BPO Market

With new technologies on the rise, top BPO firms in the Philippines work to gain an edge in the field. Hence, they turn to knowledge process outsourcing to respond to threats posed by AI. Instead of just trained English speaking experts, Filipino workers also flaunt their creative and analytical skills. No longer limited to their language edge, Filipinos unleash their skills that will benefit you once you’ve decided to work with them.

Today, the Philippines’ BPO firms offer KPO services such as digital marketing, research, web development, creative design, and professional consultancy. The opportunities continue to grow as we approach innovations in the digital field.

Philippine's BPO Industry Opportunities

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