The Future of the Knowledge Process Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines

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As a prime knowledge process outsourcing destination, the Philippines’ KPO sector thrives and stays as part of the country’s major contributor to its GDP. In fact, as per the Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) Roadmap 2022, the demand for mid-skill and high-skill jobs will take 46% and 27% of IT-BPM careers, respectively. This proves there is more to come for the future of the knowledge process outsourcing industry.

With that, businesses must be keen on which firms they should hire for their KPO needs. The Philippines is your best bet! Read on to find out more about KPO in the Philippines and why you should outsource your tasks and needs to the country’s experts.

Why Choose the Philippines for Your KPO Needs

Now, what is the difference between KPO and BPO? Investopedia defines business process outsourcing or BPO as “a method of subcontracting various business-related operations to third-party vendors.” On the other hand, KPO is “the outsourcing of core, information-related business activities”. Further, this involves KPO tasks that require staff with advanced degrees and expertise in a specialized area.

The Philippines takes pride in its edge in business communication, with no fear of language barriers. This is just one way of how we bring results on time while ensuring the quality of our service. Thus, these prove how you could boast the country’s knowledge process outsourcing industry.

Further, we listed a few more reasons why you should work with us for your KPO needs!

1. Government and Private Sector Team Up

An employee working on her computer, working on knowledge process outsourcing industry services

Since the government recognizes the future of outsourcing lies beyond BPO, it, along with the key players of the KPO industry, joined hands to form a plan to make the Philippines your top choice for top KPO services.

This coincides with the Board of Investments’ report on the Philippine IT-BPM sector, which projects how the industry flourishes by 2022. Dubbed the “Accelerate PH” Road Map 2022, the report sees the industry’s growth, while also seeking to ensure that Filipino talents, your KPO partners, are future-ready. So, why is this needed? Simply put, if enacted, these plans would rather improve your ease of doing business with us, too.

Hence, rather than making drastic changes, it wants you, the business owner, and your KPO partner to benefit from the changing times as technology continues to improve and change the way we work.

If you’re up for more good news, did you know this plan wants to assist rising new fields in the Philippines? These fields are animation and game development, healthcare information, IT and software, and global in-house centers or GICs on top of others. You need not wonder how your needs could be supplied. Just match with the best sub-sector that could cater to your needs.

2. Training for Augmented Intelligence

You used to recognize the value of fax machines because you expect a response right away. Today, only a number of people still use a fax machine to send their messages because you can now send e-mails and use other messaging apps to communicate.

Yet, AI alone doesn’t accomplish all the work, including the tasks for the knowledge process outsourcing industry. Hence, you must give augmented intelligence a try. It views AI as a tool to assist humans in doing their tasks, and not to replace them. Have you heard of it before?

Hence, the Philippine government has adapted this idea in training those who wish to enter the knowledge process outsourcing industry. That’s why the Department of Trade and Industry or DTI joined forces with the Department of Information and Communications Technology or DICT to train Filipino staff on augmented intelligence to help advance their skills.

KPO Services You Can Outsource to the Philippines

A group of employees brainstorming on a desk regarding different knowledge process outsourcing industry services

Entrust your higher-skill tasks to the Philippines and get access to the services you’ve long been searching for. With that, check out these KPO services you can outsource!

  • Market Research: Grasp a glimpse of how your target market behaves and of how the mindset of your target audience on a product or service works. Market research services help you get the pulse of the people so you could set your campaign right.
  • Data Entry and Processing: Now that you know what your target market wants, it’s time to study the data so you can refine your strategies. Yes, the Philippines’ top KPO services can do this for you.
  • Digital Marketing: Ready to launch your campaign for the world to see? Besides the basic marketing tactics you know, you must stay current. Include digital marketing in your strategy through the help of our top specialists.
  • Content Writing and Graphic Design: As you market your services, you will come across competitors. Gather your edge when you beef up your brand! It starts with the message and the words plus the overall approach you want your audience to know.

Outsource-Philippines: Your Prime KPO Partner

With years of experience in the knowledge process outsourcing industry, Outsource-Philippines has been providing topnotch services to various businesses worldwide. As one of the most sought-after KPO companies in the Philippines, we know the value of high-skill tasks to your success. And we don’t just strive to meet our clients’ needs—we exceed them. On top of it all, your choice to outsource your KPO tasks to us means you trust our firm to do what’s best for your brand.

Work with us and open more doors to boost your business success through the help of our experts. Let our wide range of KPO and other top outsourcing services help you get more of your money’s worth. For more details about our services and our pricing, check out our outsourcing cost page now.

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