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3 Big Myths in Virtual Assistance Outsourcing

“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”
– Lee Kuan Yew, Former PM of Singapore

Business owners treat their businesses like their own children. So it’s just normal that some of them are doubtful of outsourcing.

Outsourcing plays an important role in our current global economy. In August 2013, Gartner, a key research firm, anticipated the global outsourcing market to grow by 5.4% a year for the next 4 years—that’s a total value of $288 Billion! Nonetheless, there are still skeptics around who refuses to give the industry acknowledgement.

Sit back as we name and debunk 3 big myths in customer service outsourcing.

Myth #1: The language barrier

“Hell-ooo, sur. Tank yew for cooling; haw keen ay halp yu?”
Hearing a customer service representative say this will make anyone doubtful. This is exactly what causes one of the most common complaints in offshoring—the language barrier. What most people don’t know is that in some countries like Bulgaria and the Philippines, there are plenty of well-educated, English-speaking, and trainable talents whom any business owner can entrust their services with. Regardless of location, outsource agents are beneficial to a business as long as the company will provide standards, screenings, and assessments to ensure product and service quality.

Myth #2: No management control over employees

Client relationship is very important to a company’s success. This is why many executives refuse to pass their services over to an outsourcing company. It will be reassuring to them if they can wander over to their customer service department, walk amongst the agents, and listen to the conversations. However, how will they do this if they are offshore? The answer is simple: Technology.

For instance, Thomas Cook, a travel company, used to maintain their web cat support in Scotland. But they took a risk and decided to outsource to Bulgaria. Regardless of distance and the supposed issue with the language barrier (Myth #1!), the company was able to monitor web chat support real-time.

Myth #3: The Cut -Cost Opportunity

The opportunity to cut down on costs used to entice executives to outsource in the early years. Although there are still significant savings to be had in outsourcing, a recent research from KPMG found that; among 490 outsourcing contracts worth a total of $1,562,800, the main reason why companies outsource is no longer because of cost reduction, but for the opportunity to enhance customer service quality.

Customer service outsourcing have ricocheted its quality of service in recent years. Their metrics, manpower, and equipment now measure up to global quality standards. This is why business owners are coming to realize that deciding to outsource their business is actually an upgrade to their service quality and not the other way around.

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