How to Organize Your Personal Calendar for a Less Stressful Life

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For busy people, running errands sans plan or schedule can be stressful and unproductive. For most online sources, calendar organization is one effective way when you’re planning to reduce stress and to get things done. If you’re having a hard time managing and organizing your tasks, events, and schedules this year, download these tools and take note of these calendar organization tips to make your life easier.

Tools and Apps for Calendar Organization

If you’re busy as a bee whether at work or at home, this list of management tools and apps from MakeUseOf can assist you in organizing your calendar. It’s time to say goodbye to your hustle and bustle life and wave hello to an organized living.

Stick to the Plan

1. Weekis

    • This web-based app is a great choice if you prefer old school, simple weekly planners. You can just input your tasks for each day of the week making it easier to plan your days, one day at a time.

2. Week Plan
This app lets you prioritize your goals and easily see your schedule week by week. It has sections where you can plot your goal, break them down into high impact tasks, and segment your tasks by role.

Maximize the Use of Organizer and Calendar

3. Trello

    • Using the Kanban method, this tool offers boards, lists, and cards to organize and manage projects of any size. It also allows you to collaborate with coworkers, create checklists, and set due dates for tasks.

4. GQueues
This handy app gives you the feel of Gmail. GQueue offers features such as repeating tasks, subtasks, sharing and collaboration, assignments and comments, tags, and prioritizing. This app is available for smartphones as well, so you can stick with your errands.

Monitor Your Time

5. Toggl

    • This time-tracking tool features project creation, client and team management, multiple workspaces, and reporting tools. You can also add tags and link it to other apps such as Basecamp, Asana, and GitHub.

6. RescueTime
Open for Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms, this desktop app offers automatic time-tracking saving you from starting the clock for every activity you do. It also features a productivity pulse to keep track of your daily efficiency.

Prioritize Your Goals and To-Dos

7. Doris

    • This free web-based tool lets you add various to-dos to your list, add notes, and edit them. You can just drag the tasks to reorder, prioritize, or group them.

8. Todoist
Free and accessible through web and mobile devices, this task list app allows you to set color-coded priority levels, recurring dates, sub projects and tasks, and handy notifications.

Assign Tasks

9. MeisterTask

    This visual tool can be your best buddy in managing projects, tasks, and a team. You can set up sections for various projects or sub-projects and then include assignable tasks for each member.

Calendar Organization Tips and Ideas to Heed

organizing a calendar

Discover the best way to organize calendar at work and at home. Check out these expert calendar tricks from RescueTime blog to see which of these calendar organization ideas best suits you.

1. Prioritize Events.

Lara Hogan, engineering director of Etsy, suggests you to sort out events under the same category and color-code them to easily see what’s coming up for the rest of the day or week.

2. Come up with a Boilerplate Daily Schedule.

Instead of starting every week with blank calendar, SuperBooked CEO Dan Mall advices you to make a boilerplate daily schedule. The idea is to start with a calendar full of important work and extra events to squish in with your work.

3. Let Others See Your Work Schedule.

Lara Hogan also recommends setting time blocks when you’re available and let others see them so they’ll know when they can set appointments with you.

4. Mend Your Mondays.

A freelance designer, Jessica Hische, suggests avoiding Monday deadlines for it can lead to procrastination. Instead of dealing with deadlines, she proposes to handle Mondays as a day for admin work and keeping the business running so you won’t feel guilty ignoring them for the rest of the work week.

Take note of what Benjamin Franklin had said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” Whether it’s for business or personal schedules, planning your tasks ahead can save you time and effort, which every busy person like you needs.

But if you think even these calendar organization tips can’t help you meet all your scheduled to-dos, maybe outsourcing some of your tasks is your best option. For more details of how we can help you, contact us or visit our services page.

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