Philippines: On Becoming a Top Global Outsourcing Location

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The business process outsourcing or BPO sector remains one of the most thriving fields in the Philippines. Besides low labor cost, the country boasts of being home to a large pool of talents that can speak English very well. Hence, why it has become a top outsourcing location in the world does not surprise anyone anymore.

Tholons 2018 ranked the Philippines 2nd among the Top 50 Digital Nations and placed Manila 2nd in the Top 100 Super Cities. No wonder the Philippines is one of those countries most used for outsourcing.

A Filipina professional in an office in the Philippines, a top outsourcing location

The Philippines as a Top Outsourcing Location

In outsourcing, records say it’s always a battle between India and the Philippines. The rivalry comes despite the big difference in the countries’ populace and land area; thus, giving India the edge to tap more clients. However, the Filipinos’ good communication skills and knowledge of the Western culture have given the Pearl of the Orient Seas a competitive edge.

In 2016, the country had over half a million BPO workers, where 5 out of 8 were 15 to 30 years of age. Of the whopping 851 BPO firms in the country, 429 run call center (voice) pursuits, with 7 out of 8 agents taking on voice jobs.

Besides superb oral and written communication skills, Filipinos are also famous for their positive attitude toward work and high level of competence. Further, contact centers in the country use a wide range of modern tools that help agents deal with clients well. But what really make the local BPO sector a job magnet are the stirring perks it offers to the workforce.

What made foreign firms trust local BPO services? How does the Philippines do and stand in the global scene today? Here are a few industry facts in the country:

  • The world’s leader in voice-based BPO
  • Has low infrastructure and labor costs—roughly 80 percent less than highly developed countries’
  • Has large central business districts in major cities
  • Receives strong support from the government and the academe
  • Has the fastest growing workforce in the world
  • Has a highly skilled and literate resource pool

Five Things to Ponder on Outsourcing

It may be risky to outsource your business tasks to an offshore location. While you can choose from the many BPO firms, it’s crucial to keep a few factors in mind before signing a contract with anyone.

Do you seek to innovate? Will the “change” in time zone affect your business badly? What skills do you need? Your answers to these questions will help you in choosing not just the outsourcing services to get but also the best offshore base.

Before outsourcing to the Philippines or elsewhere, check these points, too:

1. Cost

A key factor to weigh before farming out a project or task somewhere is pricing. It pays to know if your service provider can help lessen or control your administrative spending in the long run.

2. Flexibility

An outsourcing firm that can fully grasp your need and offer solutions to your clients’ concerns fast is the best choice.

3. Management Team

The firm’s team can direct your business’ success. Hence, it’s just right to choose seasoned leaders who can help fulfill your business goals.

4. Communication

The BPO firm you should choose must be prompt in addressing queries and concerns. If needed, it should be good at working with your clients to avoid delays.

5. Reliability and Stability

Aside from basic systems safety, an outsourcing destination should also have a good technical support system. It should have backups for downtimes to ensure nonstop business flow.

With the massive global outsourcing market size increasing, your business must grow and take every chance to achieve its full potential. But finding the best among the many outsourcing companies may be hard for you. Be cautious—your success depends on the choices you’ll make.

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