Outsourcing Philippines’ Telemarketing Lead Generation Services

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In today’s fast-paced digital era, technology keeps on evolving. This has brought a lot of change in the world of business, mainly marketing. From influencer marketing to interactive contents, trends in acquiring potential customers have taken a great leap toward digital marketing. With all these changes, is Philippines telemarketing lead generation outsourcing still worth a try? Read on and know why we believe that it’s still one of the most effective ways to gather qualified leads.

7 Reasons to Give Philippines Telemarketing Lead Generation Services a Try

While you can generate leads using the latest trends, telemarketing is still best for qualifying leads that translate to increased sales. Cold calls and other outbound telemarketing campaigns are effective ways to reach a group of prospects and clients. They can convey a message, gather feedback, and determine your next step in real time.

So if you need an input in your next marketing strategy meaning, here are seven reasons why you should consider outsourcing services for telemarketing lead generation.

1. It provides a personal touch.

Compared to chatbots and AIs, most people still prefer talking to a human. Nothing beats a proficient telemarketer in listening and talking whether for customer service or product and service inquiries.

2. It’s almost real time.

Since it is a direct method, it also brings immediate response and direct Return of Investment (ROI) regardless of your goals and skill set.

3. It can gather crucial client and open market data.

Every single call is an open opportunity for you to learn. Depending on the data you need, you can easily gather the info you need to expand your knowledge and experience.

4. It can boost other campaigns.

When done right, it improves the efficiency of your other marketing efforts which include direct mail, SMS, and email marketing. Using telemarketing before these campaigns can help you weed out prospective clients from unrelated contacts. On the other hand, using it after can help you log feedback, capitalize on interest, and improve your response rates.

5. It is flexible.

You can use every valuable feedback you get from all your calls to make quick and effective changes on your plans. It can also help polish your tactics from time to time.

6. It works for both warm and cold lists.

Unlike other methods, you can use telemarketing for various purposes. You can obtain new clients, convert leads, close sales, or sell to existing clients.

7. It is measurable.

You can use the info you gather from the calls to measure the efficiency of your strategies. These include being able to determine how precise your contact info is, how efficient your sales team are, or how many people engage in your campaign efforts.

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How to Make It Work

1. Work hard on your audience.

If you want to start off on the right foot, just having a list won’t be enough. You also need to find the best source of fresh data and keep your database organized and up to date.

2. Prepare to make lots of calls.

Generating leads through telemarketing is more than just cold calling. Aside from having to deal with rejections, you also need to make at least 15 to 20 calls each hour to drive enough talks that convert to qualified leads.

3. Ask a lot of good questions.

A successful call lies on the questions that you throw. The good ones can urge your callee to speak to you and help you gather the info you need. It can also guide the talk toward their interests, thereby building rapport and trust.

Outsourcing the Best of the Philippines’ Telemarketing Lead Generation Services

Does everything sound tedious and overwhelming? Well, that’s the reason why we’re here! We provide the best of the Philippines’ telemarketing lead generation services. Unlike others with pre-recorded messages, we talk to your clients ourselves to provide a more personal approach. More than just presentations, our telemarketer services aim to build conversations that convert. Browse through our services and contact us to get a quote now!