Exploring the Opportunities in the Call Center Industry in the Philippines (and the Outlook for the Sector)

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Outsourcing has become accessible to businesses of every type and size as globalization speeds up at a growing rate. BPOs and call centers have undergone comparable modifications in order to keep abreast with the ever-changing business landscape. They no longer just provide limited services to some businesses; they now also offer technical services that can cater to their most specific needs.

This brings us to the call center industry, especially its strong foothold in the country. What is the outlook for this sector? Are you looking to outsource this particular business solution to a call center in the Philippines? Before we answer these questions, let’s discuss first what a call center is.

What is a Call Center?

A call center is an entity that handles inbound and/or outbound calls on an organization’s behalf. It consists of a group of customer service representatives who help answer phone calls from people who have inquiries about a company’s services or products.

Call centers are used by online merchants, telemarketing businesses, help desks, mail-order organizations, polling services, charities, and any other major organization that sells items or provides services. These businesses also employ call centers to improve customer service.

There are 3 common types of call centers, namely:

  • Inbound call center, which handles a big volume of calls and then screens, forwards, and logs the calls;
  • Outbound call center, wherein agents make calls on behalf of the company or client for duties such as lead generation, telemarketing, customer retention, fundraising, surveying, collecting debts, or booking appointments; and
  • Blended call center, wherein agents may handle both incoming and outgoing calls, allowing agents to make and receive calls as needed.
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When Did Call Centers Start in the Philippines?

The call center industry in the Philippines emerged in the 1990s, when the government saw the potential of the industry and promoted it as a source of job creation and economic growth. Filipino call centers started as providers of email response, customer response management, and service management.

This has expanded and now includes industrial capabilities for all forms of client contacts, including travel services, technical support, education, customer care, financial services, online business-to-business support, and online business-to-business support. Despite certain distinctions between western and eastern cultures, Filipino agents continue to maximize profits on behalf of their clients.

For many years, the call center sector has been coping with the changes brought about by the digital age. It has accepted multichannel support, cloud services, and other shifts in the market. Now, the Philippines has established itself as the world’s leading call center outsourcing destination for over two decades. Indeed, the country gained the label, “Call Center Capital of the World,” because of its effectiveness in providing high-quality contact center solutions.

Top Call Centers in the Philippines

If you’re looking for the top call center in the Philippines that can handle your business functions, below are 5 of the best companies in the country today.


Concentrix, which was created in 2006, is a well-known leader in BPO services such as marketing, IT, and customer care. Its 2019 merger with Convergys increased its global talent base to approximately 265,000—80,000 of whom are employed in the Philippines.


Teleperformance, another established brand in the call center industry, provides an omnichannel customer experience in about 160 markets worldwide. The company’s steady growth is largely thanks to its investment in research and development, which includes investigating and analyzing its customers’ changing needs.


Sutherland Global Services began operations in 1986. It was regarded as the premier provider of process transformation services that employs the Six-Sigma technique in its operations. Sutherland employs around 40,000 individuals for its 150 clients worldwide.


Telus began in 2001 with only 50 employees, and has since grown to employing more than 25,000 people worldwide. In the Philippines alone, 12,000 people work in offices in Taguig, Makati, Pasig, and Quezon City. Many clients use this company’s services, including Samsung Electronics America, Verizon Wireless, HSBC Bank USA, and Prudential Financial Inc.


Last but not least is Outsource-Philippines, which has been serving clients from all around the world since 2003. As one of the industry’s pioneers, this organization has achieved the high-level knowledge required to service and meet its clients’ various needs.

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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Call Center in the Philippines for Your Business

There are many call centers around the globe. So, how can you narrow them down to pick the best one for your company? Look at these factors when choosing the best call center company for your organization:

1. Expertise

Some businesses are experts in customer service and support, while others specialize in sales and lead generation. It’s essential to choose a company that matches your goals. Pick the exact services that your company needs to cut down the number of providers you must select and save cost when working with a provider.

2. Cost

You undoubtedly want to select the call center in the Philippines that offers the best performance at the most affordable price. However, when evaluating pricing, be certain that everything is clear. For simple comparisons, get all cost estimates from competitors and request more information if there is an exception. Consider the differences in taxes and currencies when negotiating with an overseas provider.

3. Track Record

Does the provider have a track record of exceeding expectations and increasing profits? If that company consistently performs and can respond to high-pressure situations when something goes wrong, you know they are a quality provider. Effective customer service minimizes needless procedures in resolving customer complaints. Your call center provider should be able to show the effectiveness of their personnel through efficiency. The agents must be able to provide a good experience for your customers. Your existing clients will provide you with the most accurate guidance for providing satisfactory service.

4. Security and Technology

A company with the resources and willingness to invest in technology, as well as any new ones that may emerge, would also be a good partner. With today’s technologies, the top Filipino call centers can offer their services both on-premises and cloud-based. Hence, it’s important to look into the security measures regarding disaster recovery and backup.

5. Location and Teams

Make sure that the company has centers nearby, or at the very least in a location where English is widely spoken. This ensures that your consumers can easily reach someone. Also, ensure that the organization has many teams that can work in different time zones or that are available 24/7. Likewise, the agents must be knowledgeable about the industry you operate in and capable of providing solutions that are targeted to your specific requirements.

Why Choose the Philippines for Your Call Center Needs?

Here are other reasons many businesses choose the Philippines for their call center needs:

  • A large pool of English-speaking call center agents is available.
  • Filipino call centers have close cultural and economic links with the United States.
  • Businesses can enjoy cost savings of 50%-60% as compared to US call centers.
  • The labor force in the Philippines is younger and tech-savvy.
  • Call centers in the Philippines provide round-the-clock service.
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Challenges Ahead Facing the Filipino Call Center Industry

While the view on the outsourcing business steadily improves, call centers retain their negative reputation from the past. This reputation can have an impact on their ability to keep both employees and clients. Because of their fast-paced nature, call centers face current issues that affect their credibility. These include but are not limited to the following:

High Agent Turnover

Even today, agent attrition is at the top of the list of issues affecting call centers. According to research, contact centers have a 40% yearly turnover rate due to high levels of stress in the job and a lack of employee satisfaction.

Concerns About Performance Efficiency

Metrics, targets, and customer satisfaction scores are used to assess an agent’s performance. Many agents struggle to improve their performance and meet their goals for a variety of reasons, such as ineffective quality assurance (QA) software, workplace dissatisfaction, and unfavorable working conditions.

Customer Dissatisfaction

To keep customers and provide the expected level of service, call centers continue to focus on preserving customer satisfaction. If this goes on, call centers may lose clients and gain a bad reputation as a brand.

Choose Outsource-Philippines: The Best BPO Service Provider in the Philippines

Call center outsourcing is here to stay. Outsourcing might be an alternative to recruiting the best teams for your call center services. Having a dedicated support team offshore is essential for offering round-the-clock services.

If you’re considering outsourcing your functions to a call center in the Philippines, Outsource-Philippines is an excellent choice. Our team of highly qualified teams can efficiently handle your customer care and support needs using the most up-to-date technologies and resources. We offer competitive pricing and tailor our services to your specific requirements. Contact us today to get a free quote.