The Latest Customer Service Trends and Best Practices

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In recent years, research shows that customers put value not on price and quality of products alone, but also on quality customer service. Outsourcing experts predict that this habit is hard to break and will continue to be part of today’s customer service trends. So, as the new year starts, figure out how to level up your customer service to become an industry leader.

In-Demand Customer Service Trends and Practices
woman smiling while talking on the phone and holding a tablet equipped with the latest customer service trends

1. Customers are now in control–and that’s how it will stay.

Gone are the years when customers feel helpless. Today, they’re in the driver’s seat of public brand perception. You can no longer make them wait or waste their time, or they’ll let the entire world know about their poor experience with your brand or service. This is the power the Internet has given customers, and they’re not afraid to use it.

This customer empowerment also means they have high expectations on when and how they can connect with the brands. Business-hours-only phone number and email address are not enough for client support. Several studies show that 24/7 customer service makes customer happier, increases customer loyalty, and establishes positive reputation. Thus, you must always be present whenever and wherever they need you.

2. Quick, personalized responses are now a service benchmark.

Social media can be a blessing to firms who embrace it, and a curse to those who don’t. It’s here to stay. A customer service channel and your business must keep up with these customer demands. Ignoring comments–good or bad–won’t stop people from posting them. Further, neglecting customer concerns is more damaging than any product issue or poor experience.

Besides the chance to connect with your customers, social media allows you to show the public your quick response and dedication to quality customer service. This solves any problem and satisfies customers.

Last, cut the scripts–they’re no longer helpful. Instead, offer genuine, timely service. You need to be skilled on all social media channels, for users expect a more personalized approach using the platform of their choice.

3. Mobile remains the king.

For several years now, use of mobile devices has been growing. More people are interacting through their handheld gadgets. If you want to be on the par with other market leaders, you must adopt a “mobile-first” mindset. Optimize your website for mobile viewing and if you offer an app, make sure that its design is accessible to all devices that your customers use.

Adding the “mobile-ready” feature to your customer service strategies means more than making your website mobile friendly, it also makes your entire support channels mobile accessible.

A Wrap-Up

The customer service field mirrors other industries, for it also focuses on keeping up with customer demands. Technology–specifically chatbots–will play a vital role in support for 2019. But, the way firms and their staff work together to exploit these tools to satisfy customers will dictate their success.

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