How to Set Customer Expectations and Secure Client-VA Relationships

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In the business world where gaining a client is pricey, customer service representatives (CSRs) like you must focus on building their experience to increase their satisfaction. Customer expectation and satisfaction results from the level of service you deliver compared to what your clients expect to receive.

Below are benefits you can get from understanding customer expectations.

  • Helps you to know what service level will keep your clients pleased and how you can achieve high customer satisfaction.
  • Allows you to exceed clients’ needs and create advocates.
  • Resolves customer complaints. Since complaints result from failure to meet needs, you can fix problems fast and keep the business strong.
How to Set Your Customer’s Need

Outstanding customer service means different things to different clients. To understand how your customers feel, ask them what they need. Find out what they want from your service or product. Once you have identified their needs, you can set expectations. Inform them of the service level they will receive, what support is open to them, what results they shall get, and what key performance indicators (KPIs) you will meet. Every industry and customer have their own expectations, so prepare yourself for adjustments.

How to Meet and Exceed Clients’ Expectations

Meeting clients’ expectations is the most vital part in their satisfaction. A satisfied patron is one that has had his/her expectations met. To do this, bring a consistent level of service based on the key areas and KPIs you have fixed for each client when you set expectations.

Your goal is not just to meet your clients’ needs but to “wow’ them and exceed their expectations. When you surpass their expectations, you create an experience that customers remember and share them with friends and relatives, which will soon create a positive impression on your company.

How to Fix and Reset Customer Expectations

In times you don’t meet customers’ expectations, just remember, it may be due to under-trained staff, poor customer service, or expectations set amiss.

The key here is how you admit your failure and fix and reset clients’ expectations. When you find out you didn’t meet their needs, call them. Discuss the whole problem and if possible, talk to them in person. This shows you care much about their business.

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