The Benefits and Services of Offshoring in the Philippines

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As the business process outsourcing or BPO industry serves as a major player in the country’s GDP, it’s a fact that global firms look into outsourcing and offshoring in the Philippines. Growing processes and tech play a key role in helping the sector grow and succeed, so it’s just right for the nation to boost its resources toward economic opportunities.

In this guide, we’ll see why firms should heed the perks they can reap once they hire services from offshoring companies in the Philippines.

Outsourcing vs Offshoring

Often used interchangeably, offshoring and outsourcing mean different things. Outsourcing is the process of hiring an external highly skilled team with ample resources to perform certain aspects of business operations. This may be done by outsourcing to a team or third-party source coming from other nations or the area where the business is located. Meanwhile, offshoring pertains to hiring an external offshore team that’s in another country.

Learn more about their unique methods by reading this guide on offshoring vs outsourcing.

Data on Offshoring in the Philippines

According to Outsourcing Journal, high-value IT services are likely to see rapid growth with the advent of the Industry 4.0. As the IT-BPM sector saw a 1.4%-1.8% growth in 2020, this is also projected to happen in 2022. This growth will be mainly led by the digital shift.

As the country attempts to keep up with the changing times, adopting newer tech and modern systems are great steps to lay a solid ground toward boosting business growth for the years to come.

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The Benefits of Offshoring

Lower Costs

Since expenses are one of the most common reasons firms opt to offshore their tasks, it’s worth noting that local BPO firms often charge less compared to other countries. This is due to the local, business, and labor costs being more efficient. One more thing to note is that when firms hire offshore staff, this means they won’t have to set up office space, tech, and other tools for them. This becomes a more viable long-term option for almost any kind of business out there.

Language Command

Having the 2nd-highest English literacy rate in Asia, the Philippines is surely one of the top options across the globe. Stellar communication skills are important tools to serve customers well, and being adept in English greatly helps workers provide thoughtful client service and topnotch engagement.

Unique Work Culture

Filipino BPO workers possess a unique work ethic, where patience, resourcefulness, and empathy are at the core. These, along with other unique traits, form a more pleasant business etiquette and viable working rapport between local BPO firms and the ones that hire them.

Expert Workforce

One of the main business plans is ensuring only the most appropriate personnel perform tasks and projects toward business success. As the country keeps on forming a job-ready talent pool, boosting your business by getting an adept offshore team on board will surely help in meeting your goals.

Modern Technology

As the nation heeds the key role played by the BPO sector, the growing support and honor for workers go beyond just high income and perks. In fact, the IT part of the country’s BPO sector continues to see growth to help improve services and quality of work.

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Tips in Finding an Offshoring Provider in the Philippines

Now, how do you ensure your business reaches its full potential by offshoring in the Philippines? Heed these foolproof tips to get started.

1. Conduct your research.

As a decision maker, you must weigh the outsourcing pros and cons when making key choices. This process helps you gauge risks, budget concerns, short- and long-term outsourcing benefits, and more.

It’s also crucial for you to be keen when searching for firms to hire. Don’t just stick to what you see on websites, online ads, and social media. Instead, gather details about the BPO firm’s offers and gauge what they can bring to your business.

Trusted firms like Outsource-Philippines offer free quotes based on your unique needs. This aims to let you further weigh which kind of service will best meet the goals you’ve set for the business.

2. Value the kind of team you’re building.

In any kind of business, people—workers and clients alike—are the greatest assets. In your case, hiring an offshore team that lives up to the standards you’ve set for the firm must also be on your list.

Develop a central recruitment and hiring process to ensure you’re only hiring the best for your teams. Doing this lets you reduce offshore staff turnover, which can incur high costs in the long run. From the get-go, build a strong base of what you want your team to be like so that you’re entrusting your vital tasks and systems to highly skilled staff.

Your efforts don’t just stop there, though. Once you’ve hired your dream team, it’s your job to make them feel welcome, engaged, and recognized. It’s crucial to build that connection that’s helpful for keeping everyone on board not just on the way they should do their jobs but also on the goals of the business.

3. Use the right tools.

Managing offshore teams through remote means can be tedious and taxing at first. Add to that the time zone conflict, if any.

This is why it’s of great help to have the proper software and tools in running your systems. These include project management, team correspondence, worker engagement, and production tools.

4. Work with the experts.

The best way to help you ensure you’re hiring the most skilled offshore staff out there is to work with a trusted partner. As you choose to do this, you’re gaining access to a firm that vows to help your business grow, as being an expert in these areas and more:

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Hire the Top Firm in Offshoring in the Philippines

As the top offshoring company in the Philippines, we’re here to ease the burden of getting all things done without expert help. Let us get you through the overwhelm so you can reap the perks of hiring offshore services from Outsource-Philippines! You may also contact us if you want to know more about what we can do to help your business soar. We can’t wait to kick off projects with you. Work with us today!