Top 5 Most Commonly Outsourced Services

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In an interview with, property veteran David Leechiu predicts that “The Philippines will likely see a dramatic resurgence in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.” As the country continues to strengthen ties with the U.S., the BPO sector is likely to rebound this 2018. Take advantage of this grand comeback and keep up with the outsourcing trends. Take note of these most commonly outsourced services that can help you and your growing business.

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List of the Services or Functions That Are Being Outsourced

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If you’re a startup or a small business aiming to grow, hiring people for small tasks might not be a profitable idea due to the time and expenses it entails. This is why most online sources tags startup companies availing outsourced services as one of the rising global outsourcing trends in the market. To give you an idea of the business services that can be outsourced and why you should do it, check out the list below.

1. Virtual Assistance

Are you loaded with overwhelming yet repetitive tasks? On days like this, a virtual assistant can be your most reliable companion. From email management and customer support to live chat and administrative tasks, you don’t need to worry because a VA can take these loads off your shoulder.

2. Graphic Design

Experts tagged visual branding as one of the biggest outsourcing trends of 2017. They also expected it to keep its pace in the coming years as people yearn for more visual contents. If you think your brand just needs a little face lift, an outsourced graphic designer will be better than hiring and maintaining a full-time employee.

3. Content Creation

Business management and content writing can take tons of your time. But since you need to do both, outsourcing skilled writers can keep your content updated while you focus on growing and managing your business. You can count on them from articles and blogs to web pages and proposals. They can also help keep grammar lapses and trolls at bay.

4. Web Design and Development

If web design and programming make your head hurts, worry no more about building or managing your website. Whether it’s web design, management, or web development, you can always find outsourcing services that will meet your various needs.

5. Digital Marketing

As technology progresses and the needs of people escalate, amplifying your online presence becomes crucial. While hiring in-house digital marketers can be beneficial, they can also be expensive and hard to find for startup and small businesses. So if you want expert services without the extra fees, outsourcing them can be the best option.

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