What Are Machine Learning Services For (Plus Top Machine Learning Companies)

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With the current expansive growth of technology, businesses need to adapt so they can handle a larger pile of tasks. Among the most astounding recent technological advancements, Machine learning is one of them. One of its duties is to create automated models that will promptly absorb enormous volumes of data and learn how to use them to solve problems. Today, it has the capability to allow entrepreneurs to complete more activities, devote themselves, and commit to the market, which will result in much higher operational efficiency. How could it not be a huge help to every business?

Previously, we discussed machine learning as a growing field in artificial intelligence. In this article, we delve more into machine learning services available for your business, their average service rate, and the factors that affect the overall cost of machine learning services. This will guide you with the software pricing of a few machine learning software, and the top-notch machine learning companies you can consider hiring.

What is Machine Learning as a Service?

Machine learning as a service (MLaaS) is a group of cloud-based machine learning tools supplied by cloud service providers. These technologies offer frameworks for artificial intelligence (AI) activities such as face recognition, speech recognition, chatbots, predictive analytics, natural language processing, data preprocessing, forecasting, and data visualization. They also provide frameworks for machine learning model training and tweaking.

What is Machine Learning Used For?

From churn avoidance to the classification of support tickets, MLaaS works in a variety of use cases. The fundamental benefit of MLaaS is that it lets you delegate machine learning’s labor-intensive tasks. As a result, you won’t have to bother about setting up servers, managing infrastructure, managing software, and other similar tasks. Simply connect the pertinent training data, choose the predicted column, and let the service perform for you.

What is the Average Machine Learning Service Rate?

The pricing approach used by your consultant will determine the typical machine learning consulting rate. Hourly consultants frequently cost between $250 and $350 per hour. By contrast, flat-rate consultants charge between $5,000 and $7,000 for each assignment. Although deep learning consulting fees might appear plain and simple, especially when comparing average costs, the price of machine learning consulting is affected by a number of factors. It’s important to fully understand these aspects, whether you want to work as a consultant or hire one.

a professional consultant discussing the scope of his machine learning services

What Determines Machine Learning Service Rates?

The Expertise of a Consultant

Experience affects the price of a product or service, regardless of the industry. Data scientists that offer machine learning consulting services will typically base their hourly or flat rate on their experience and background.

For instance, if they have fewer than four years of expertise, they might bill $250 or less per hour. A data scientist with five or more years of expertise, for comparison, will likely charge closer to $350 per hour or $7000 per project.

Project Horizon

The complexity of your project will also affect the cost of your machine learning consultation. A bigger, trickier job will typically cost more to consult on. This is due to the fact that setting up and implementing your solution strategy will require extra time from a data scientist or machine learning expert. Even a flat-rate consultant will raise their rates to reflect the additional effort needed.

Anticipated Results

Another aspect of the price that affects the cost of big data consulting is the expected results. When it comes to a machine learning project, result expectations in big data refer to:

  • Accuracy: The percentage of all correctly predicted events
  • Precision: The percentage of correctly detected affirmative cases
  • Recall: The percentage of true-positive instances that were successfully detected
  • F-score: The average of your precision and recall values

Many customers may find this terminology unfamiliar. The consultant is responsible for clearly defining these terms. The balance between precision and recall, which concentrate on how accurate and comprehensive a classifier is, is described, for instance, by the F-score. If you work as a contractor, you can get inquiries from potential customers who have no idea what to expect in terms of results.

Specifications Quality

The quality of large data sets is a crucial consideration. Businesses desire data that is exact and accurate. But a huge dataset is necessary for that kind of data. Companies occasionally request high-quality outcomes but only offer modest datasets. They could also demand improbable quality requirements. The cost of machine learning consulting may rise depending on the quality of the requirements.

Architecture for Solutions

Rates for big data learning consulting also depend on the design of the proposed solution. For reference, a system as a whole or certain components of a system for delivering a solution are referred to as a solution architecture. Given that solution architecture frequently connects with business, information, and application architecture, it is a crucial aspect of applying machine learning.

An illustration of a solution architecture is MarketingCloudFX (from WebFX). A consultant may need to put in extra time if the solution architecture is complicated. Additionally, it can broaden the scope of the job, which might affect the contractor’s flat fee.

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Factors that Affect the Overall Cost of Machine Learning Services

A machine learning system’s development process includes several distinctive characteristics, such as data-related problems and performance-related elements that determine the final cost.

Issues Relating to Data

The quantity and quality of the training data also play a significant role in the development of dependable machine learning, in addition to outstanding coding. These issues range from lack of relevant data and use of unstructured data, to the complex extract, transform, load procedures.

Issues Relating to Performance

A high-quality algorithm necessitates numerous rounds of tuning sessions; therefore, proper algorithm performance is another crucial cost element. These include variable accuracy rate as well as the performance of algorithm processing.

Machine Learning Service and Software Pricing Guide

You can use the initial prices of a handful of machine learning software below to check out their features and evaluate the various solutions they can offer.


Discover Teramind, the best tool for businesses aiming to increase productivity, streamline operations, and secure assets. Its configurable technology maintains regulatory compliance, detects and prevents insider risks, and monitors distant personnel. Automated actions keep your organization secure and efficient, while real-time warnings and logs provide all-around security.

Initial cost: USD $10.00 per month


vSphere is a cloud-based virtualization platform that assists organizations with data consolidation, infrastructure security, and remote assistance. VMware streamlines the journey for firms to become innovative businesses that bring better experiences to their consumers and enable people to do their best work.

Initial cost: USD $576.96 per year


Explorium delivers an original end-to-end automated external data platform for powerful analytics and machine learning. Its unique all-in-one platform seamlessly combines and matches internal corporate data with millions of relevant external data sets to expedite your ML investment ROI and help solve complicated problems.

Initial cost: USD $50,000 per year

Top Machine Learning Companies

Amazon Web Services (AWS): Top for Variety

When businesses are seeking ML providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has an edge because many large corporations utilize it to store at least a portion of their data. The core of AWS’s machine learning offerings is its premium SageMaker service portfolio.

Google Cloud: Top for Cloud Software

Google’s G Suite cloud-based productivity tools are part of Google Cloud, which is the company’s free public cloud computing service. The machine learning services offered by Google Cloud include TensorFlow Enterprise, Cloud AutoML, Deep Learning Containers, and the AI Platform.

IBM: Top for Research-Driven ML

One of the pioneers of artificial intelligence and machine learning, IBM garnered early headlines with its Watson AI platform. It continues to market a number of AI and ML services under the Watson brand name. Its Watson Machine Learning package connects with other Watson products and allows hybrid and multi-cloud systems.

MathWorks: Top for Academia

MathWorks’s ML product, MATLAB, is one of the earliest items on this list. Though most of the others began as analytics tools, MATLAB began as a tool for mathematicians, scientists, and engineers. Yet, the same software that was great at handling difficult mathematics turned out to also be effective at machine learning techniques.

Microsoft Azure: Top for Accelerated Process

Microsoft Azure’s Machine Learning solution features both code-based and drag-and-drop interfaces, as well as automation and support for MLOps.It supports a number of open-source technologies, including MLflow, Kubeflow, ONNX, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Python, and R. It also provides methods for identifying prejudice and managing fairness.

RapidMiner: Top for Transparency

RapidMiner is a privately held provider of data science, AI, and machine learning. The Automated Data Science, Go, Notebooks, and Studio products are all part of the RapidMiner platform.

SAS: Top for Automation

One of the biggest vendors of analytics software worldwide is SAS. Many SAS products would be beneficial for machine learning, but SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning software might be the most pertinent. Automated feature engineering and modeling, automated insights, and interpretability are some of its primary characteristics.

TIBCO: Top for Integration

TIBCO sells a wide variety of software products relating to data integration, data management, and analytics. TIBCO’s principal machine learning product is TIBCO Data Science. It provides data preparation, model development, pre-built templates, version control, audibility, AutoML, embedded Jupyter Notebooks, and others.

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