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Infographics and Their Importance to Content Marketing

Drive more traffic to your web site and boost your content marketing schemes with the help of infographics. Read on and discover their essence in content marketing right from expert graphic designers.

What is an infographic?
An infographic (short for information graphic) is a vivid, artistic, and helpful version of data or knowledge. It aims to present complex detail in an easy-to-understand manner.

What are its common types?

  • Visual article – makes a piece of writing pleasing to the eyes.
  • Flowchart – offers a specific answer to a question via readers’
  • Timeline – states a story in chronological flow.
  • List – supports a claim through a series of steps.
  • Number – displays data through impressive numbers and statistics.
  • Visual data – sends data through charts, graphs, and designs.
  • Versus – compares two things in a tied study.
  • Map – displays data trends based on location.

Why are infographics important to content marketing?

  • They can catch audience’s attention.
    Humans are visual beings by nature, so images, colors, and shapes can attract our attention at once. Likewise, more people respond better to images compared to texts.
  • They can increase brand awareness.
    A shareable content, so once they circulate on the Internet carrying your logo and contact details, more people will recognize you. You can print and use them as brochures, too, to promote your products and services.
  • They can make complex ideas simpler.
    One use of infographics is to break down complex ideas into simpler visuals, making them great educational tools. They use charts, timelines, flowcharts, and statistics to present a difficult topic that needs in-depth explanation.
  • They are portable.
    Embed code makes it easier for your audience to add your infographics to their blogs and web sites. Aside from credits, they can create a backlink to your site once embedded.
  • They can reach a wider audience.
    Due to their eye-catching features, infographics yield more likes, comments, and shares than normal text updates. They reach a wider audience; thus, your social media pages will gain more subscribers and followers.

Designing effective infographics can be tedious since you must show each element in a precise way. To help you send your message across and market your brand in a visual manner, hire an expert, and your efforts will not go to waste. For a roster of the best graphic designers, you can visit our web site at

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