4 Types of Horrifying Clients Call Center Agents Hate

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Here in the Philippines, call center agents usually work at night for its counterpart countries. Since most of them work on graveyard shift, it is not surprising to hear eerie stories from our friends and loved ones who work in the same industry. But for them, horrifying clients are always scarier than any ghost stories.

Call center agents received about hundreds of calls every day. They randomly talk to anyone who needs their assistance. Thus, most of them would agree with these four types of difficult callers:

1.The Beast

This caller hates everyone. They hate the weather, the air, and most of all – you. They are one of the most common types of horrifying clients who scream a lot and blame other people even if they are the ones at fault. They’ll make you feel guilty because they don’t like to read and follow instructions. They are famous in customer service, technical support, and collections department.

2.The Authority

I want to talk to your supervisor!” is their famous line. They always want to talk to your manager even after you’ve explained to them everything. They keep on repeating the same questions and they expect you to give a different answer. Yet, they will only be assured when they hear your supervisor’s voice. It is as if your manager has super power that he or she can change the situation by saying the same script.

3. The Chatter

Ramblers are another type of horrifying clients. They are not mad or happy, they just can’t stop talking. They like to discuss anything that caught their attention even if it’s not related to your job. Don’t be surprised if they ask you for words of wisdom or what’s good for dinner.

4. The Serious

While other types of horrifying clients are really annoying, the serious callers are the most important one. Apparently, they will call you because they need your assistance and they trust you enough that you can answer most of their questions. If you’re lucky, they will commend you for being patient and attentive to them.

Working in a call center company is both challenging and rewarding. Apart from having unusual work schedule, call center agents also need to deal with difficult clients. Whether you’ll call them to ask questions or seek assistance, think about how you’d like them to tag you.

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