4 Easy Steps to Confronting Customer Rants Online

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Ignoring a client’s complaint on the Web is similar to hanging up on him/her with millions of other people watching. Especially now that people have tons of online media channels to turn to, snubbing their rants will only make the bad situation worse.

Remember, successful handling of customer complaints online will not just make you adept in customer service. It will make you a pro in digital marketing, too. So to deal with these complaints effectively, follow these four easy steps below.

1. Listen to the complaint.

Using social media or other similar medium, take note of all the negative criticisms made directly and indirectly about your business. You may search your company name on Facebook or review your Twitter page, blog, and other digital channels for some vital comments or reactions. Pin your ears back to even the tiniest negative review. Most importantly, try your best to acknowledge each feedback and write a reply.

2. Apologize to the customer.

Got some bad comments on your service or product? Look at them as a gift—a moment to prove how much you care about your clients. We all make mistakes. Customers know that. They just want you to fix them when you screw up.

Don’t say, “I apologize” or “Our apologies.” Instead, say “I’m sorry,” since this statement sounds more personal than the previous two. Take time to validate, as well, the client’s concern and vow to resolve it behind closed doors. This relaxes the issue while still telling your customer that you are doing something to settle the complaint.

3. Solve the problem.

It’s important to make an apology. But unless you solve the problem, your acts of contrition won’t matter. Create a customer-centric group that can resolve issues quickly. Depending on the case, you can give the client his money back or offer him a free month of service. Surprise and delight him with something amazing. No matter how you solve the problem, make sure you leave your customer feeling pleased and valued.

4. Thank the customer.

Every complaint is a blessing. It’s a chance to fix a problem, to improve your service, and to tell the world that you care. By sincerely thanking your customers, you’ll make them feel appreciated. Despite the inconvenience you caused, you’re improving your chances of making them a long-time customer.

If you follow these simple rules, you can turn a fuming customer into an aficionado for life. Plus, you can turn a possible online reputation issue into a marketing opportunity for your company.

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