the content marketing trends to expect in year 2017

5 Biggest Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

As content marketing remains a highly competitive field, you must stay updated, so your rivals won’t be ahead of you. Check out this list to find the biggest content marketing trends you must learn and leverage to keep up in this fast-paced field.

1. Live Stream Video

Live streaming is picking up in its pace as firms demand 24/7 online presence and people ask for unfiltered, unedited contents. It gained traction with the release of Periscope and Meerkat in 2015, and then Facebook and YouTube in 2016.

Live streaming has many uses. One way is to show a behind-the-scenes view of a procedure or a place your audience enjoys. In the same manner, you can live stream events such as the grand opening of your store or revealing your new product or service. Along with 360 videos, live streaming is a must-try because this trend is more cost-effective than pre-recorded videos.

2. Newsletters

Newsletters are crucial for the media to reach a wide audience and for brands to prove return on investment (ROI) in content marketing. Your content here is your product, so a wide distribution isn’t only fine to have but likewise important to the business.

While a few think newsletters are fit for media firms alone, they prove effective as a publishing destination and lead producer, too. To thrive, you must create and fill each with contents that appeal to the receiver and include a sound call-to-action that drives more visits.

3. Social Media “Buy” Buttons

Social media “buy” buttons is one of the most promising content marketing trends in the list. These buttons let shoppers buy right from social media than from e-commerce sites. “You’ll see buy” buttons on many social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Yet, most clients seldom use them for lack of awareness.

By 2017, you may catch more of them as more platforms test “buy” buttons, making shoppers more aware of their presence. As sellers trust the “buy” button and add more products, shoppers will find it easier to use, making 2017 its success year.

4. Storytelling

Since interrupt ads aren’t useful anymore, and most branded contents come with boring product pitches, storytelling has now the best chance to hook and hold your audience’s attention.

Using stories for marketing plans requires writers to tell would-be threats or shortfalls as they share feats. This means is simple. Don’t brag and promise, instead tell a story that will grab their attention.

5. Personalization

Last, but not least of the content marketing trends, is personalization. With tons of contents online, it’ll be tough to single out yours from other brands.

Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, fix on making useful content for a target audience with the data they shared. You can guide their e-commerce purchase through features such as “related products” or “recommended for you”. In this way, your clients will feel you know what they need and will read your site’s content.

Stay current with these content marketing trends to hold an impressive online presence and greater traffic. If you need help in using them for your marketing schemes, our team can aid you. Visit Outsource-Philippines’ writing services page to see what we offer!

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