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Insourcing vs Outsourcing IT Services: Weighing Your Options

One of the most widely used business action plans involves coming up with various ways to assign work roles and tasks as the business landscape constantly evolves. Likewise, using helpful trends and techniques to further improve the overall process is also a must. In today’s fast-paced era where IT has become a core part of almost any business, meeting IT demands can be hard to manage. With that, the usual issue businesses face is how to assign tasks. This is where they must consider insourcing vs outsourcing IT services.

Choosing the best approach in sourcing people will depend on your needs to help you run your business. Read more about your top options and come up with the best IT solutions for you.

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing: What Sets Them Apart?

In a nutshell, insourcing and outsourcing are both service management methods designed to streamline a business’s flow of work assignment. Their common goals are to:

  • Improve business edge
  • Assign tasks more effectively
  • Get the most out of the business’s assets

Further, here’s a quick list of the differences between the two.


This is a practice where the firm’s own staff and teams perform and manage their own tasks.
Some functions that use this are:

  • Supply chain management
  • Sales
  • Quality control


This refers to hiring the managed service and workforce of an outside party to complete certain tasks.
The business functions that commonly use this include:

With all these points to note, you must also check your current business plans and how you want to go about your overall workflow.

Outsourcing or Insourcing: Which Suits Your IT Needs?

Choosing between insourcing vs outsourcing IT services highly depends on your goals, needs, and your resources. To guide you better, we’ve listed the top pros and cons of each.

Insourcing Pros

  • With your own IT experts and teams working on your projects, you’re sure that the people working for you know your brand and products better.
  • Your work culture stays intact since your staff have the same work values and standards.
  • You can manage work directly, having the freedom to plan and carry out IT projects and other tasks.

Insourcing Cons

  • Since you need in-house employees, you have more overhead costs.
  • Your teams’ efforts may be divided to various roles and tasks at the same time.
  • You need to equip your human resources with the right tools and more IT assets.

Outsourcing Pros

  • Enjoy lower labor costs since you don’t have to pay for other staff perks.
  • You can focus more of your time and resources on your core tasks.
  • Work with various partners and choose who among them brings the best results you need.

Outsourcing Cons

  • You may have to share vital data about your business and even your processes to a third party.
  • You may not have direct control over the workflow.
  • Language barrier and cultural differences can hamper the overall operation and thus affect the business.

Bonus: Questions to Ask When Choosing

To better help you find out which approach you must use in your business, take the time to reflect on your needs and goals through these questions:

  • What’s your main goal?
  • Can you adjust your business setup?
  • What kind of task do you need labor for?
  • How soon do you need to launch and finish the task?
  • What are your long-term plans for your business?

Taking these into account helps you trim down your options, and lets you make a more informed decision.
Need more tips on outsourcing your IT services? Read on for the reasons why opting for this method can help your business thrive!

insourcing vs outsourcing IT services include web programming and development

Why Outsource IT Services

You need to keep up with how fast IT evolves these days. Otherwise, you’d be left out and won over by your rivals. Leaders and business owners find it tough to meet IT needs as trends change fast. To address this? Try outsourcing. The top IT tasks to outsource are:

Moreover, don’t miss out on these top perks of hiring outsource staff for your IT services!

Cost Savings

Reduce costs on your day-to-day tasks without compromising the quality of work. Also, you won’t need to install costly IT systems to sustain your business. Just make sure that you hire the most fitting provider that can meet your needs.

Aside from that, you also won’t be worried about more costs to cover when hiring in-house staff. These include formal benefits imposed by law, holiday and sick leave pay, and even the costs of staff turnover.

Outsourcing also takes off the financial burden of having to set up more workspace for your teams. Hiring another company or staff to do the tasks for you lets you save on equipment and other resources, thus having more funds for other core tasks in your business.

Highly Skilled Staff

Another key benefit of outsourcing is being able to hire IT staff with a high level of expertise to perform tasks in a short time. Since businesses need experts in certain fields, the cost of hiring at this level can be limiting when it comes to budget. With that, IT outsourcing services can help solve this through third-party sources.

Open Options

With this approach, you can opt to have custom solutions for your business’s fast-changing needs along the way. Being able to add, change, or remove services plays a key role in your success.

IT outsourcing services are also a great way for you to support and grow your business. This method helps you form small teams during the starting stages of your business and assists you to scale up from there and go into bigger or newer markets.

For an in-depth guide, read more here: Outsourcing Definition and Everything You Need to Know About It.

Ready to Outsource Your Services?

We get it: Searching for the best outsourcing company can be tricky for both startups and even big businesses. To add, weighing your options between insourcing vs outsourcing IT services also lies on how you see your business growing through the years, and which plans and goals you need to set now. You can also use a hybrid approach to get better results!

Let us help you with your needs! We offer topnotch services to help businesses like yours thrive even in trying times. Browse through our data entry services and more of our outsourcing solutions today or contact us now to know more!

offshoring a form of outsourcing where you ensure that mistakes are made at arm's length

Outsourcing vs Offshoring Guide to Kick-Start Your Business

The drastic changes brought by the COVID-19 crisis have forced hundreds of hustling businesses to close down. Yet, some firms stood strong and were able to rise with shifted focuses. It’s when the role of outsourcing became more defined, while also keeping lots of trades to stay afloat. Now, if you’re a business owner and still haven’t tried outsourcing yet, what’s stopping you? Looking for a gainful way to handle your business process? We suggest you try offshore outsourcing or hire a virtual assistant instead.

Most companies outsource tasks like customer service, payroll, IT-related works, and even digital marketing. That’s because such move can help cut costs, which is a business’ top priority. Also, it provides access to a pool of skilled workers. However, the risks involved remain the common issue for business owners. How secure will data handling be? Will outsourcing affect our brand’s image? You may have thoughts like these. But think of the fortune companies that have already shifted gears to outsourcing. Would you still have full control of the business once you outsource? Yes! Can it still serve your customers with high quality? Of course. And to this era, outsourcing is considered one of the most effective business tactics.

The terms offshore and outsourcing are buzzwords in the business world. In fact, thousands of articles and studies about its success are strewn online. However, these terms are some of the most commonly misconstrued aspects of the global supply chain. Want to know how these terms differ? Read on to learn more.

Outsourcing vs Offshore Outsourcing

In a 2017 article by Forbes, a large portion of the general public thinks offshore outsourcing and outsourcing itself mean the same thing. Often used alike, they have distinct concepts. Plus, both come with clear pros and cons to business operations. Both are designed to improve your business and increase sales. Also, they are used to upgrade a business process and reduce labor costs.

But as a firm’s verdict maker, you must choose wisely to grow your business, and this is where knowing the difference between the two comes in. Let’s dig deeper to gauge them.

businessman handling outsourced projects

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing means transferring an aspect or a part of your firm’s business operations to a 3rd-party provider. You’re simply assigning a process to a skilled team that has the right resources and workforce suited to your needs. By then, the outsourcing service provider becomes in charge of the task, service, or project, thus allowing you to focus on the much crucial parts of your business. It may come from other countries or within an area of choice. Once with the right outsourcing partner, you’ll have access to a pool of great talents, advanced tools, and flawless service. Outsourcing actually:

  • Saves you money. Outsourcing became popular because it’s a business tactic that aims to reduce labor costs and save you from spending too much on support services. Instead of hiring full-time staffs, you already have a skilled workforce on hand. No need to worry about the hiring process and the dreaded training sessions.
  • Gives access to great talents. Most outsourcing providers have diverse professionals and experts. Instead of hiring and training workers to finish a project, you can easily build your dream team depending on your business needs.

What is Offshore Outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing refers to the act of hiring an external workforce in charge of certain business processes in another country. It’s usually far from the area where the business is located. We also have nearshoring, which is the opposite of offshore. The variance between the two is the distance of the outsource company to its client. Nearshore service providers are at the same physical site while offshore service providers are found in another country.

As with outsourcing, the goal is to reduce the number of labor costs. But there is a great difference in the labor cost between nearshoring and offshoring. Offshore companies based in the Philippines, India, and China charge less compared to those in the US and other Western countries. US firms tend to pay the same rate that they give to their in-house staff when they nearshore their tasks to Canada and Mexico. That won’t save you money at all!

To cut the chase, offshore outsourcing lies under the term of outsourcing. Offshore is when you outsource the tasks, projects, or services you need to ideal locations like the Philippines. On the other hand, outsourcing carries a much heavier concept of farming out a business process.

Why Consider Offshore Outsourcing?

As mentioned above, offshore outsourcing is the key to cutting labor costs while having access to diverse field experts. Trades like marketing, customer support, information technology, and even education grow with the help of offshore farming out. However, the IT market has become and continues to be a weighty part of trades. It’s also significant to the world’s global market. Plus, it contributes to economic growth and in the fiscal success of every firm.

offshore outsourcing includes IT outsourcing

The Rise of IT and the Need for Outsourcing Services

Long before the advent of tech, IT was just boxed to storing, distributing, using, and processing data. But because of its fast-paced setting, IT became one of the most farmed out services to offshore outsourcing providers here in the Philippines. Plus, IT upkeep requires a lot. Firms don’t usually own IT sections. Most of them lack proper tech services to maintain computer systems. So, what to do instead of spending your budget to build high-costing servers and IT-related domains? Hire an offshore firm with the best skill set, facilities, and top-grade tech!

Offshoring has greatly changed business operations for the past few years. It has been vital to small, medium, and large-sized firms that want to utilize their time and effort. They needed to pull in hiring and business costs while keeping leads, returns, and lucrative customer bonds. Indeed, it is a key factor in a killer combo of people, processes, and tech. In fact, it is utilized by most firms to:

  • Sustain the ever-changing demands of clients.
  • Control over management expertise.
  • Increase customer approval.
  • Tap global talents.
  • Close deals that both capture the value and reduce risk.
  • Create new market prospects.

Reasons for Offshore Outsourcing

Apart from cost saving, most firms also consider offshore outsourcing for the following reasons:

  • Reduced Labor Costs. Outsourcing allows business owners to cut labor costs by taking advantage of cheaper worker benefits. Since companies will only have to pay for the actual work, they can save as much as 40% of their monthly costs. Now that’s how you save a lot!
  • Customer Retention. Customer relations and handling can make or break a business. Thus, outsourcing increases customer retention through effective customer care service. This solution allows businesses to influence customer loyalty while ensuring cost efficiency.
  • Resilience and Risk Management. Each business has its own risks. It may be a fiscal state, market race, and state guidelines. Thus, outsourcing companies ensure business flow as it takes and manages risks for the client.

As Tom Peters said, “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” Offshore outsourcing gives you the chance to focus on the things that need your 100% attention while experts are working for your side. Now we understand that there are tons of offshore outsourcing providers that claim to be your best bud. Sounds sketchy right? Unlike the rest, Outsource-Philippines takes pride in our talented and resilient team of workers. We have served hundreds of happy clients that speak for our keenness toward meeting your business targets.

offshore outsourcing tasks include customer service and support

When Should a Business Outsource?

There are lots of signs when you need to consider outsourcing your business. You’ll know it’s time to outsource when you aim for business growth but lacks the expertise to expand. Also, outsourcing is the key if you want fast results but have trouble finding the time to focus on every task. Risks are always a part of business ventures.

Having that said, offshore services from Outsource-Philippines offer great perks, especially to start-ups. Still wary if your business should engage in offshore outsourcing? Don’t worry! Our services are designed to help business owners like you step up your game. 

Kick Start Your Business, Outsource Today!

Let Outsource-Philippines do the work for you and grow your business! As a pioneer in the business, we’re committed to providing the best BPO solutions to our clients. We offer high-quality but low-cost services. Plus, our setting is ideal for the global market with keen and trained staff. Hire our multi-talented workforce to cater to your business needs. Check out our offshore services and team up with our experts today!

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Your Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Assigning specific tasks to someone or a team you can trust should be part of your priority list. And as someone who makes critical business decisions, your roles involve building systems, setting targets, and framing processes to ensure overall success. Thus, you must hire people who have a certain skill set to do tasks for you and your business. Doing this helps you build a growing business. On this note, a key step is to hire a virtual assistant as a valuable addition to your team.

Getting Started in Hiring Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant or VA is someone who offers admin support to businesses and individuals. Since they are called virtual assistants, they work at the comfort of their homes (or anywhere they’re able to work). VA services are often remote work, which means employers of VAs need not have an office or formal workspace for their assistants. VAs provide support and assistance to their clients virtually through phone, email, and fax.

Typically, VAs have apt backgrounds and provide the same tasks that your in-house secretary gives. They provide a wide range of services that include copy and audio typing, meeting management, travel coordination, call handling, and diary and email management. But due to the rising competition in the workplace, VAs also offer various specialized services such as email marketing, blog writing, web design, graphic design, and social media management.

However, some business owners are skeptical about outsourcing. But are those doubts legit concerns? Here are a couple of myths some businesses believe, making them decide not to hire a virtual assistant.

Myth #1: The language barrier

“Hell-ooo, sur. Tank yew for cooling; haw keen ay halp yu?”

This is what causes one of the most common complaints in offshoring—the language barrier. What most people don’t know is that in several foreign-speaking countries, there are plenty of English-speaking and trainable talents with whom any business owner can entrust their services. Also, outsource agents are helpful to a business as long as the company will provide standards and screenings to ensure product and service quality.

Myth #2: No control over VAs

Many business owners refuse to hand their tasks over to an outsource firm. To them, they find it more reassuring if they can oversee their teams, walk on the agents at work, and listen to the calls. So, how will they do these if they offshore the tasks? The answer is simple: through technology.

Let’s cite an example. Thomas Cook, a travel company, used to maintain their web chat support in Scotland. But they took a risk and opted to outsource to Bulgaria. Regardless of distance and the issue with the language barrier (Myth #1!), the company was able to monitor web chat support real-time.

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Knowing When to Hire a Virtual Assistant

More and more firms opt to outsource instead of hiring full-time and even part-time staff for their admin work. Outsourcing has paved the way to various possibilities to save costs and focus one’s resources on core functions and duties that are more vital than paperwork and other tedious tasks. You can achieve all of these perks and a lot more through by properly outsourcing your tasks to a VA.

There are a lot of reasons business owners and other people are outsourcing their tasks to VAs. One is that they can have their tasks done by professional, skilled VAs at a lower cost without compromising quality. The second reason is that, when they hire a virtual assistant, these clients also enjoy the following perks:

Since they don’t have in-house staff working for them, clients can cut down their overhead costs and other staff-related expenses. As a business owner, this will enable you to focus your resources and spend your time in improving the quality and viability of your product in the market.

Clients don’t need to provide extra resources

There are cases where certain tasks will increase in number. For instance, paperwork will likely double and thus, more staff will be needed to complete these added tasks. If you have a smaller office, most likely you will have to rent another area where your additional team members will work.

When you hire a virtual assistant, you’ll no longer need extra working space or equipment to get your tasks done. This is because they will work within the comforts of their homes or offices; therefore, freeing you from other needless costs.

VAs can tailor their services based on their clients’ needs

Any admin workload can be taken care of by a VA. They can give you admin support which includes word processing, document management, internet research, data creation and entry, and email management. These services depend on your need and the skills of your chosen VA. You can always settle and ask for custom services that will fit your needs and demands.

Clients can focus on their core tasks

When you outsource all your admin and tedious tasks, you can now focus on improving their core processes and managing other vital tasks such as decision-making, strategic marketing, planning, and many others. Further, you can also rest assured that skilled VAs will handle all your paperwork with utmost efficiency.

Some Notes to Ponder On

Like any other services, hiring a VA also poses some concerns, one of which involving confidentiality. Businesses want to be assured that all details they will give would be handled properly and with discretion. This is frequently resolved through an agreement between the concerned parties.

Also, there are issues and concerns on the cost needed to hire a virtual assistant. This is due to certain cases where a VA costs more than a regular secretary or temporary staff. But taking everything into consideration, outsourcing your admin tasks to a VA is a whole lot cheaper and convenient for a business owner. For one, hiring a VA is cheaper for there are no taxes or overheads to pay. Further, business owners can hire a VA once there is work to be done. That means clients will only pay for the time consumed in doing such tasks without having to worry about paying despite downtime.

VAs are, indeed, a cost-effective means of getting your admin jobs without having to cost you a whole budget needed to hire in-house staff. Anyone can avail of these benefits: big companies, small business owners, as well as those who need to keep their extra jobs done without having to hire a real secretary. Get one and earn the perks yourself!

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Choosing Which Tasks to Outsource

Business owners like you can save more time, energy, and resources when you hire a virtual assistant. However, knowing which tasks to assign could be tricky. Check out this list of the top tasks to outsource when you hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines.

1. Online Research

Do you spend too much time finding info on websites and screening potential hires and business contacts? You can pass these tedious tasks to your VA. Just don’t forget to instruct them and share your usernames and passwords so they can access specialty tools or paid sites with ease.

2. Data Management

Data management is a task that might waste a big chunk of your time. Whether you need to collect or enter data and present reports, your VA can do the job on your behalf. Describe your needs and standards in detail to make sure you hire an expert to avoid glaring errors.

3. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping will eat up plenty of your time since you will record bills and payments, among others. It’s one of the hardest VA tasks to assign, too, for you will need to share account access and private info such as passwords. Thus, be careful and choose an efficient and trustworthy VA who can fulfill these risky tasks for you.

4. Call and Email Management

Phone calls and emails can bring either opportunities or distraction to busy business owners. Save your valued time by hiring someone who can filter urgent calls and respond to emails promptly for you. Guide them on how to pick out key contacts and emails and ask your VA to give you a copy before they send out any responses to lessen errors.

5. Schedule Management

Online tools aren’t enough to manage your hectic timetables and remind you of your vital schedules. Hence, it pays to have a VA who can manage your calendar, set up your meetings, and plan your business trips. Such tasks will save you from the hassle of dealing with chaotic events and forgotten meetings.

6. Competitor Analysis

You need not waste your time keeping an eye on your competition. Now, hire a virtual assistant to check on your current and rising competitors and study their strengths and weaknesses. Gathering and exploring your rivals’ products, services, and special offers can take a great amount of your time. It can be tedious and stressful; but when you hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines, they can do it for you weekly and even check out online reviews about you and your rivals if you wish.

7. Social Media Management

Your business should have a profile on all the top social media platforms to boost its reach. Instead of spending your time moving from one account to another, let your social media manager VA do the job for you. They can handle comments and questions and share timely updates to market your brand.

8. Content Writing

Content is one of the most vital parts of a website. If you don’t have the skills, leave it to the hands of a VA that can understand your brand and build a content that supports your ideas. With their years of experience, these VAs can write content for articles, web pages, and blogs—and bring results with relative ease.

VAs can help you buy more time in your workweek, alleviate stress due to a jam-packed workload, and focus on your core tasks. Indeed, the number of tasks that you can outsource is truly surprising. On top of that, you also need to be keen on choosing what kind of a VA to hire. Read on to know how.

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Top Qualities of a Good Virtual Assistant

More companies now turn to VAs because they offer more practical solutions to them. Such firms spend less when they hire remote staff for their processes. Despite the high demand, business owners like you must still be certain of the top VA qualities.

Human resource is a worthy company asset. People make up the business, so owners who seek growth only hire the best people to build their brand. In fact, firms not only want topnotch hard skills; they check other points, too, before they add a new member to their team.

With that, these are the traits to look for when you hire VAs.

Independence and Initiative

These two traits must always go together. Good VAs know how to sort and prioritize tasks and do them in a timely manner. Since they work without close supervision, they must use their time well. Time means money.


Hopeful VAs must strive to keep this trait under their belt since it’s rewarding to both the VA and the client. VAs must welcome other people’s suggestions and their criticisms, as a way for them to set a higher standard. Otherwise, this may affect client-VA relationship.


Businesses with remote workers use trust as currency; hence, their VAs must work hard to keep it. They must uphold expectations and be as transparent as they can to their boss. Likewise, VAs must practice open communication and keep their word so that clients like you will keep on entrusting their tasks to them, too.


The best VA for the job is one who values their client’s privacy and honors the terms agreed upon in the contract. They must never share personal info and trade secrets and claim ownership of company property.


This trait comes on top of the list of vital VA qualities. They must be alert and ready to attend to their clients’ concerns. As part of being reliable, bear in mind that distance becomes irrelevant to giving clients what they need.

Ample Knowledge

They must have advanced knowledge of the latest VA tools. Aside from Skype, Zoom, and Google apps, they must know other collaboration apps that include Hubstaff, Trello, MeisterTask, Smartsheet, Dropbox, Zoho, Basecamp, and Hootsuite. To add, skills on social media management and graphic design are also a plus.


Clients want VAs who have a positive mindset toward work. You look for people who enjoy what they do and value their colleagues as much as they value their jobs. Even if VAs don’t work in the same office, they must be able to keep a good working rapport and solid teamwork with clients and co-workers.

Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?

At the end of the day, you’d only want the best for your business. Entrust your tasks and processes to our team of experts. Get your money’s worth and more of what you pay for. Work with the best virtual assistant company, Outsource-Philippines today! Get a free quote today or check the list of all our top outsourcing services.

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5 Reasons Businesses Continue Hiring BPOs Despite COVID-19

A year after the COVID-19 pandemic, people have gradually eased into the new normal. Despite a series of lockdowns and strict safety protocols, people have adapted to changes, especially in terms of work setups. Having that said; we know that our daily routines and livelihood will not be the same anymore. Indeed, the pandemic has greatly affected the economy and the workforce. Business shutdowns caused piling tasks and job loss. To address the impact of the pandemic, many companies sought assistance from business process outsourcing (BPO) firms. Both startups and Fortune companies began hiring BPO companies and were able to achieve their goals.

BPO Companies and Their Relevance amid the COVID-19 Crisis

When lockdowns took place, some BPO companies themselves struggled to continue their operations. But despite the crisis, the outsourcing industry thrived through and even attracted many investors. In fact, Grand View Research reported that the global BPO industry could reach up to $343.19 billion by 2025.

Still not sure if outsourcing is the best move for your company? Here’s why businesses will most likely hire BPO companies even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. BPO Companies Offer Cost Reduction

With the pandemic crisis at hand, businesses suffered disrupted supply chains and halted production. Hence, sales and revenues dropped during the onset of the crisis. To address the problem, businesses began planning to cut costs related to employee recruitment, training, and salary. One of the ways to cut the costs is outsourcing. You can free yourself from the costs on recruitment, salary increase, and insurance fees. Imagine the savings you can earn when you opt to hire BPO companies.

a room of a BPO firm

2. Physical Proximity Isn’t Necessary

Since the lockdown started, most BPO firms adopted the remote work setup in order to cut costs and keep workers employed. Although one might think that the work-from-home (WFH) setup is a hassle, it is beneficial to employers and business owners.

Working from home has become beneficial to business owners. Aside from overhead costs, employers can cut costs on travel, utilities, and office leases. According to a report from The Economic Times, the average cost per employee in BPO companies, pegged at $24,000 in an office setup, could decline to $18,000-20,000 in a WFH arrangement.

Working from home isn’t a novel idea for BPO firms. In fact, in the Philippines, 40% of BPO employees had tried adopting the WFH arrangement even before the lockdown. With that said, BPO companies can have a smoother transition to such arrangement.

3. Tailored and Highly Skilled Staff are at Your Disposal

Although many think that BPO companies only provide call center services, there is a broad spectrum of outsourcing services offered. You can hire a specific skill set based on your project. Outsourcing firms offer custom recruitment based on your staff needs. You can even request added labor at anytime when needed.

Outsourcing companies impose strict screening process and train people. These BPO firms conduct regular training to equip their talent pool with the latest knowledge and technology.  When you outsource, you hire experts on the field. Even amid the ongoing crisis, you are always sure to get only the qualified people for your project.

4. They Offer Round-the-Clock Workforce

Many business owners have employed offshore outsourcing to succeed in their ventures. The pandemic will push businesses to consider outsourcing because of the time zone advantage. You can focus your time on other vital business matters while your outsource team takes care of clerical and data processing tasks. Having a staff that works around the clock, you’re sure to never miss calls or leads. Plus, you can always reach them wherever you are!

5. BPO Companies Support Automation

Companies need access on the latest technology to ensure flexibility and continuity, especially during a crisis. Both growing businesses and large companies need to leverage automation. Automation can drastically improve efficiency, speed, and information security.

Today’s businesses struggle with outdated technology and in-house data processing. That’s why when lockdowns took place, companies suddenly needed to adopt cloud environments. Yet many businesses lacked such technology. As a result, they lagged behind and even shut down.

As we move toward digitization, BPO firms have adopted cloud-based services and newer technologies. Business owners turn to BPOs for help with automation and data security. BPOs can offer both the latest technology and skilled staff—tailored to your needs.

Despite the pandemic, more and more companies opt to hire BPO companies. Outsourcing helps businesses consider the long-term implications of COVID-19. Hiring a BPO company will secure your business to thrive through any crisis.

a room of a BPO company

Outsourcing Services We Offer

As one of the pioneering BPO firms in the country, Outsource-Philippines offers a whole host of services for your diverse needs. Here are just some of them.

Customer Service

Customers are the backbone of every business. They can make or break your business. Hence, it is important to give them a satisfying client support experience. By hiring efficient and highly skilled CSRs, you will surely win your customers’ loyalty.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is incredibly important for growing and large businesses. It attracts customers and increase sales. Outsource-Philippines has the right skills to increase your leads and nurture them throughout the buying process.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants (VAs) can help you save time and your sanity. It saves you time and effort to focus on the core tasks of your business. Our VAs can assist you with appointment setting, online research and analysis, accounting, and bookkeeping.

Social Media Marketing

With everything going online, it is important for a business to start its social media presence. That’s why our digital marketing team is here to provide you with optimized campaigns and boost your traffic. Our targeted strategies will surely yield conversions.

SEO Specialist Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) will improve your search rankings and better your website performance. It will ultimately increase traffic and sales. Outsource-Philippines can provide all your needs from enticing title tags to keyword-optimized contents. Our SEO experts can analyze, maintain, and optimize your contents.

Graphic Design

First impression matters. Whether it’s an online ad or your website, a beautiful and informative design can ultimately attract a visitor for the first time. Don’t know what colors to for your website? Do you need a logo for a new brand? Our graphic designers can help you stand out with impressive branding!

Choose Only the Best BPO Company Today

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected business operations. Until now, businesses struggle with getting back on track. However, Outsourcing-Philippines can help your business cope up with the impacts of COVID-19.

Outsource-Philippines is the leading outsourcing solutions provider in the country. We value our customers and believe that they should get the best service there is. Our pool of skilled staff has helped several startup and established firms to succeed in their ventures through our premier business solutions. What type of outsourcing solutions does your business need? Request for a free quote today!

outsourcing in the philippines includes dedicated staff in busy customer service department

Outsourcing to the Philippines is the Best Business Strategy This 2021

The COVID-19 has exposed the bare truth that change is the only constant thing on earth. Until now, the world is experiencing the economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic. Workers and firms across the globe have been greatly affected by this change. Companies are forced to close, and people lost their jobs. Yet, some firms—small and big—are slowly rising up to continue building up their dreams, their sources of income.

Now, business leaders are gradually recovering to keep their operations afloat. Some continue with their normal tactics, while some try out new. Here’s when the decision makers consider outsourcing solutions. More precisely, owners consider outsourcing to the Philippines. Read on to learn more about this strategy and why this country could really help you achieve your business targets.

Outsourcing to the Philippines Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite the economic decline, the outsourcing industry continues to boom. According to the Grand View Research report, the global BPO industry could reach up to $343.19 billion by the year 2025. This means business owners and business process outsourcing firm partnerships will continue to grow in the years to come.

Due to the ongoing effects of the recession on global companies all across the globe, countless businesses in developed countries decided to source out some of their operations. This strategy helps them reduce the operating expenses and achieve their goals. This, in turn, instigates the upturn of the industry in China, India, and the Philippines.

A Closer Look: Outsourcing to PH in 2021

Currently, numerous BPO companies observe a number of graduates of nursing, accounting, and other related courses joining the industry each year. Though the work has no relation to their background, a lot of Filipinos still choose to work in the said field to be financially capable and secure.

The great thing, however, is that clients select the Philippines as their business partner. This is mainly due to the country’s low labor costs. By bringing outsourcing to the Philippines, foreign companies can afford doubling their production and save much on other resources. Not only does this business process reduce their production time; it also assures better quality of services as most BPO and KPO firms exert great effort in training their people.

Let’s now move to the economic status of the country. Due to the current crisis, the country declared its worst economic performance on record in 2020. The Philippine Statistics Authority released the gross domestic product (GDP) now sank by 9.5%. This is its worst since 1947.

However, the PSA data showed that the BPO industry has not been negatively affected. Here’s a list of percentage drop of several industries in PH.

  • Construction sector dropped to 25.3%
  • Food service dropped to minus 42.7%
  • Other services dropped to minus 45.2%

Though there is a major economic scarring, the country’s BPO sector remained firm. In fact, in 2021, BPO is listed as one of the most in-demand jobs in the country. As per JobStreet, BPO, call center, or outsourcing services are the most active sectors actively hiring in January 2021.

Now, the country is sharing the top spot in the business process alongside with India and China. These Asian countries have been recognized as two of the key choices for outsourced services.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Given the many trials you face now, would a third party really help your business? Can outsourcing truly help streamline operations? Is it wise to hire an offshore team to help you serve your clients better?

Let’s take a rundown on the benefits of outsourcing, most especially during this crisis. Here’s a high-level view of its benefits.

  1. Focus on core processes
  2. Improve efficiency
  3. Gain access to skilled staff
  4. Save labor costs
  5. Provide 24/7 services

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Why the Philippines is the Best Country to Outsource

1. We have a strong Western cultural affinity.

Both Spain and the U.S. colonized the Philippines for centuries. That’s the reason why the local people have a strong cultural affinity with the Western countries. The Filipinos’ exposure to American culture made them more familiar with the Western business practices than with other Asian nations.

Due to the likeness of the Filipinos with Westerners, firms that opt to offshore their production consider outsourcing to the Philippines as the best option to maximize their productivity. They also expect that workforce from this country would be able to integrate and adapt to their current work process.

2. Our English proficiency is first rate.

The ability to communicate well with their clients is one of the major factors of various firms when it comes to outsourcing services. The business’ offshore workforce must have top-notch English proficiency in order to communicate well with clients, thus achieving and exceeding business targets in the future.

The Philippines holds the second highest English proficiency in Asia, behind Southeast Asian neighbor Singapore. This makes them a likely candidate for rendering call support and assistance to Western countries. Moreover, we are capable of adopting accents and utilizing terms that attract various clients.

3. Outsourcing services cost low.

Unlike other Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines is a low-cost country. In fact, local salaries are just a fraction of those in the Western world. These low costs can also be applied to all other business expenses like office rental, utilities, supplies, and third-party services.

Let’s look at the standard pricing model. Usually, the outsourcing cost is calculated based on the skill of the resource, number of people you want to hire, and tenure of contract. Here, BPO firms calculate fees based on workforce cost, service fees, and government benefits. That said; outsourcing companies can come up with unique service models to fit their target markets.

customer support staff handling clients of companies outsourcing in the philippines

4. We have expert and excellent labor force.

Another vital factor is the level of educational success and expertise of their offshore manpower.

Filipinos believe that education is the primary key to success. That’s the reason why many have a deep regard for quality schooling. The country has an enormous pool of proficient and highly educated pros. In fact, records show that the country produces almost half a million graduates per year. This makes foreign partners confident in outsourcing to the Philippines.

5. Our manpower is highly experienced with strong work ethics.

Consider the huge contribution of the BPO sector in the country’s economy. LGU took all its means and resources to provide training to aspiring manpower. This initiative aims to increase the skill and competence of both service providers and its hired workers.

Apart from being highly competitive, Filipinos are known for being loyal and dedicated personnel. Their heart has resulted to great quality of output and services.

6. We have modern facilities.

The country is one of the most ideal options when it comes to outsourcing destination because of its advanced facilities. The constantly developing and upgrading tech during the past few years gave the country an edge over China and India.

More than the low labor cost that the country has to offer, it is the talents and values that has made outsourcing an excellent choice. Since the country boasts of its wide pool of talents, it is continuing to invest in tech and structures that can uphold its niche as a global service provider. Hence, assuring you not only of quality manpower, but also of quality facilities to use in rendering its stakeholders the best service for a mutually beneficial transaction.

7. Time zone difference is not a problem in our country.

If your company operates 24/7, it might be a hassle for your employees to work night shifts and an inconvenience to you to spend a large amount to sustain the operation. Since the country is located in a different time zone, you may use this to your gain without worrying about doubling your manpower costs.

Partner with the Top BPO Company in PH

With the current crisis, outsourcing is your best option. The mentioned trends and benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines assure you of a partnership that will help your business grow amidst the pandemic.

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Outsourcing definition for startup and medium-scale companies

Outsourcing Definition and Everything You Need to Know About It

Does your business experience project overflow? Do you think your company needs to boost its manpower? Then, your business is surely growing. A growing business like yours has tons of options when it comes to handling this kind of situation. Some companies hire more staff, and some extend employees’ workhours.

Still, this might not be the best move for firms, especially during COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, there’s one solution that could aid expanding businesses. It’s called outsourcing.

What is it? How does it work? Is it beneficial to your business? What services can you outsource? Where can you find an outsourcing partner? Read on and learn this business solution before investing in one.

What is the Definition of Outsourcing?

First recognized in 1989, outsourcing is a strategy wherein a business hires a party outside the company to provide services or goods. This aims to help said business complete the job tasks which were originally done by their own staff. In addition, this is referred to as business process outsourcing, more known as BPO. And when these firms hire a third party outside their own country, it’s called offshore outsourcing. According to industry experts, this industry is projected to reach a $405.6 billion market size by the year 2027. This means that more and more companies would opt to hire external providers to help their business achieve their targets.

Sure, the global pandemic has affected the world economy, and along with it the outsourcing industry. Yet, the Grand View Research revealed in 2019 how global BPO industry could reach up to $343.19 billion by 2025. This only means that the demand for outsourcing is increasing—globally.

Now, let’s zoom in on the Philippine outsourcing industry. The future of BPO jobs in this country is bright, even if threats arise. Foreign investors still clearly see the potential of these services. They say the Philippines is the next BPO destination even during an outbreak. Furthermore, this industry has shown tremendous resilience amidst the worldwide pandemic. Many think that BPO firms are call centers. This is partly true; in fact, there are BPO companies that solely provide call center services. Having that said; there’s a wide range of outsourcing services available too, some of which we will tackle in this blog.

outsourcing definition involves hiring outside entities to do your work on your behalf

Why Do Businesses Need Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is not exclusive to gigantic firms or Fortune 500 companies. In fact, start-up and medium-sized companies are now taking advantage of this business solution. Why? Piling tasks choose no one. As mentioned earlier, one solution for this is to hire staff, train them for their tasks, and get the job done. And aside from core business functions, firms also need to put effort into their admin and logistic tasks. In return, these piling tasks demand firms to hire more employees.

However, this option is not a practical choice for many small businesses. So, instead of training more internal staff to take on job functions outside their core business processes, firms hire outsourcing services. While this business scheme started decades ago, the rise of technology has allowed outsourcing to become more popular than ever.

Examples of Outsourcing Services

Apart from what some business owners know, there are various outsourcing services one can hire. Here are some of the in-demand services we at Outsource-Philippines also offer.

1. Virtual Assistant

From admin tasks and lead generation to appointment setting and online research and analysis, virtual assistant service can help you deliver your overflowing tasks effectively.

2. Data Entry Clerk

Do you need help with your data entry, cleaning, and mining? How about database management and scanning and OCR? Outsourcing companies can also provide these kinds of services to you.

3. Content Writer

It is vital to create copies that convert. BPO firms also provide website, SEO, and social media services; along with content writing for articles, blogs, brochures, and newsletters. They can craft high-quality presentations, talks, and even job application tools such as resumes, CVs, and cover letters.

4. Graphic Design

Designs can grab your market’s attention. Well, not only that—they can convert sales, too. Consider hiring a partner company to provide you with logo, business card, postcard, brochure, and even PowerPoint theme design services.

5. SEO Specialist

Let your site be seen and rank at the search engine results by availing of this service. Build an optimized website, increase traffic, and improve your presence with the help of an outsourced SEO specialist.

6. Social Media Marketer

Your social media presence can lead you to success. Enticing campaigns, targeted strategies with in-depth market research can take you to places. Invest in a professional social media marketer through the help of an outsourcing company.

7. PPC Specialist

Convert, convert, convert. PPC specialists from outsourcing firms are trained to increase your business’ return on investment. Their advertising tactics aim to get the most out of your campaign budget.

8. Bookkeeper

Yes, bookkeeping services can be outsourced, too. These pros are trained to deliver error-free data, the fastest time possible. Since data are an important factor in business management, partnering with a bookkeeper can help you manage and your confidential data.

9. Customer Services Representatives

What separates one business from another? A great, reliable, and helpful CSR. Since customers are the backbone of a business, outsourcing CSRs can help bring the best experience to their customers.

Perks of Outsourcing Services

outsourcing services, when done right, can result to successful business for you

1. Focus on core processes

Over 57% of businesses outsource to focus their workforce on core functions. So, free your load and let your team focus on your core business functions with the help of outsourced staff. To address the increasing loads of work, many startup firms delegate internal staff to perform at least two different functions. However, if handled poorly, this scheme might affect their overall performance and might leave even greater damage.

2. Improve Efficiency

Start projects right away with the help of outsourcing firms. Choose a team that specializes in the service that you need to ensure the quality of their outputs. This way, you don’t have to spend more time and money to achieve your business goals. Besides, you don’t want to double-check every task you require them, right? So, partner with a firm that can deliver quality results on time.

3. Gain Access to Skilled Staff

No need to worry about the whole hiring process, since outsourcing companies have already done the tedious task for you. Each outsourcing firm has its own meticulous hiring process to provide the most qualified staff for your business needs. They also conduct regular training to arm their talent pool with the latest knowledge regarding their field of expertise.

4. Save Labor Costs

Hiring additional internal staff entails more operational costs. Aside from spending on staff hiring and training, you also need to set up a conducive workplace for them. This includes fast internet speed and their own work equipment. Apart from that, they also have the right to enjoy employee benefits such as healthcare coverage, vacation and sick leaves, and are subject to salary increase.

5. Provide 24/7 Services

Need to make your service line open round-the-clock? It’s best for you to hire offshore outsourcing services. Hire service firms from a different time zone to help you get the job done even if you’re done for the day. This tip doesn’t only save you labor costs; it also gives you more time to enjoy your day off.

Downsides of Outsourcing

Every pro comes with a con. One key issue with outsourcing is that firms run the risk of their confidential data exposed. Just like in bookkeeping services, the client needs to disclose important numbers and figures that are private. Moreover, providing info from the payroll and recruitment involves great risk for the company, too.

Another great risk is seeing eye to eye when it comes to client requirements and deliverables. Choosing the wrong outsourcing partner can even bring great loss to your business. Unreliable BPO firms can either miss the deadline, or deliver outputs that are of sub-standard quality.

Lastly, since you need to sign a contract with your chosen partner, there’s a high chance of a lack of flexibility issues. What does it mean? The contract could be too rigid to accommodate changes for the task. So, it’s best to look ahead and consider these things before signing a document.

Finding the Best Outsourcing Solutions in the Philippines

It’s high time to search for a good outsource service provider. However, this might take a while since there are lots of options now.

Here are some tips for you to consider before outsourcing your services:

  • Build a healthy relationship with the BPO company.
  • Set clear, achievable goals and objectives.
  • Strengthen data security compliance.
  • Solve management conflicts as soon as you can.
  • Connect with you partner company on a regular basis.

Expanding your company might involve growing your services and boosting your manpower. Hiring additional staff or extending workhours might not be the best move for you right now. But don’t let COVID-19 shut your plans! We’re here to introduce you to a business solution that can surely help your business grow.

We’re one of the pioneers in this field. We take our processes with great importance. From hiring to training, we ensure that our staff strictly adhere to our standards. Our pool of skilled staff has also lent their hand for startup and established firms to achieve their targets faster through our premier business solutions. Check our outsourcing services to know more or talk to us now!