4 Things You Should Never Say to Your Web Designer

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Unreasonable clients exist everywhere, even in web design. These customers refrain from specifying their wants and rely on their designers for major decisions. Unfortunately, once the designer tries to do his/her thing, the results can be a toss-up game. Clients complain, designers become dispirited, and the outcome gets affected.

Are you planning to hire a designer for your website? For smoother transactions, make sure you keep from saying these lines throughout the course of the project.

1. Can you start this right away? I need it ASAP.”
you must be joking!

Designing a website is not easy. You cannot get your web design done with a few mouse clicks. Although you can finish a few designs in 24 hours, others take months to complete. The timeline will depend on the project’s scope and the web designer’s skills.

What to do instead: Tell him/her your time constraints and ask your designer of the possible turnaround time.

2. “Can I e-mail or call you anytime?”
call me anytime

No graphic designer monitors his/her work e-mail or phone 24/7.

What to do instead: Designers are not available to speak to you at whatever time. So be sure to check their working hours and their preferred communication medium before you start working on a project.

3. “Can you design my web site exactly as this one?”

are you even serious?

Besides copyright issues and possible legal penalties, copying from another designer’s work is unethical.

What to do instead: Name the specific items in the design that you fancy. Moreover, consult with your web designer certain elements that you can apply to your own page.

4. “Please put my website in a format I can edit.”
I can't!


When you ask for an editable source file, you will need not just specialized design software, but also specialized skills to modify it. You might have to buy the fonts or graphics used in your web site, too.

What to do instead: Though many web designers can give you editable files for an added fee, other designers may also do free edits or revisions for a specified period. Take advantage of this so you can avoid paying extra charges and doing further labor.

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