5 Reasons You Need to Keep up with the Mobile Call Center Trend

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As time passes, clients demand smarter services that can keep up with their fast-paced life. And the customer service field is no exception to this trend. From banking to learning tools, people prefer things on the move. Hence, if your business does not support a mobile call center, now is the perfect time to do it.


Reasons to Keep up with the Mobile Trend
1. Eased Customer Frustration

Confirming the caller’s identity through the IVR or Interactive Voice Response can be tedious for both callers and agents. Even if it helps lead the customers to the right agent, the long list of options and frequent self-validation could annoy and frustrate them. Luckily, a mobile call center’s visual IVR can do away with the old system. Instead of following long strings of voice prompts, customers can log into a secured system and choose the options via a visual menu on their mobile devices. From there, they can decide whether to go for the self-service options or talk to an agent.

2. Enriched Customer Experience

Today’s users prefer a smoother shift from online searching to having someone to exchange a few words with. Now a mobile app makes it all possible. Whether users want to email, chat, or talk to a rep, they can do so in just a few taps.

3. Recorded Customer Feedback

A mobile app can keep track of your client’s digital footprint and ensure an excellent service that will win patrons. It makes your customer service accessible and easier to manage.

 4. Added Flexibility for Call Center Workers

A mobile call center allows your staff to do their jobs even at a remote place. This means that they have more freedom than those tethered to their office desks to do customer service functions.

 5. Lower Overhead Costs

Due to the mobility of a mobile call center and the possibility of agents working from anywhere, companies can cut daily office expenses and hire remote agents. In addition, reduced time in the IVR also means shorter handle time and lower cost per call. Your mobile call center will not only reduce the overall operation costs, you can also improve your business’ agent-client interaction.

Must-Have Features of a Mobile Call Center
 1. Call Forwarding

When you enable call forwarding to any device, you are sure that an agent can answer all the calls regardless of place or time zone. You can direct the client’s calls to the agent’s chosen device; thus providing a more tailored and precise service.

 2. Global Local Rates

Local or toll-free phone numbers allow your agents to handle calls anywhere while your clients pay local rates. It will not only reinforce your organization’s standing but also assures your client that you’re only one call away no matter where they are.

 3. Real-Time Audits

Real-time metrics and call monitoring can help you audit your agent’s performance provided you have internet connection. You can guarantee quality wherever you or your agent is working.

 4. Browser-Based Call Center Software

Browser-based call center software is necessary for dispersed, mobile, and global teams. Your team can make and receive calls as well as view the client’s prior call logs, emails, chats, and support request on their chosen device. This allows your off-site staffs to work with your on-site team.

To keep up with this mobile-centric world, your services also need to evolve. Mobile call center gives both clients and agents varied ways to interact with each other. So if you want to deliver a distinguished customer experience you need to respond to these changes.

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