Outsourcing Best Practices: How to Outsource Web Development Services

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Online shopping and other e-commerce services have steadily grown over the past years. Many users are searching for details or reviews before purchasing a product or service. Hence, brand awareness online is vital to all kinds of businesses. However, having an in-house team of experts to create and maintain a website is quite costly. No worries; outsource services are here to solve this problem. Read on why many businesses choose outsourcing, and how to outsource web development services to achieve your goals.

Why Websites are Vital to Businesses

It’s great that you offer topnotch product or service. However, promoting it to the right audience might pose a challenge for startups. Brand awareness campaigns involve costs, and not all small businesses can afford media marketing, such as billboards and TV advertisements.

Fortunately, online campaigns can help businesses achieve this goal today. In this day and age, online business websites can showcase the brand’s product or service to its audience. With the help of a web development team, brands can reach more audience and promote the latest offers.

Web Development Market Trends

Web development has grown through the past years. Aside from the increasing number of internet users each year, the purposes of websites have also widened along with it. Based on a blog by Hubspot, “50% of consumers believe that website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand.” The report suggests that websites are crucial for it strengthen brand identity.

Though websites are deemed as a key asset in a business, “24% of small business owners said they don’t know how to create and run one (Digital.com, 2021).” Hence, many business owners hire outsourcing web development companies to help them start and run a website.

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Web Development Processes

Below are the basic steps included in a website project. Nonetheless, more steps could arise depending on the goal of the business campaign.


Agree on the main goal and scope of the website prior to actual website creation. Plan the entire structure of the website, including the number of landing pages and layout. A clear goal will allow the team to present a viable sitemap and have a smooth project flow.


Next, create the visuals and content for the website pages. The web team and the business owners must work closely to brainstorm ideas for the brand. Aside from visuals, the team must ensure that the texts are SEO-friendly and optimized for any browsers.


Test the website after placing the texts and visuals on the landing pages. Provide website access to check the links and page load speed of the pages in both desktop and mobile versions. Lessen the issues and errors during the launch with proper testing. Also, during this stage, the client could still change any contents that don’t fit with the branding.


It’s time to launch the website! The web team must monitor the website takeoff and report downtimes. Meanwhile, business owners must prepare their social media campaigns and paid boosting about the website launch.

Outsourcing vs Outstaffing vs In-house Team

When a business is IT-centric, they usually hire staff to fill their web team. The hiring manager performs all tasks to fill job post such as job posting, interview, and on-boarding of staff. The hired members will complete the in-house team.

Having that said, this process may require a large budget and manpower. Startups who want to hire a web design team may choose to outsource or outstaff.

Outstaffing refers to the type of remote hiring wherein an outstaff company is employed to hire and maintain the needed experts. In this model, the members that are hired by the outstaffing team report directly to the in-house team. This also means that the business owners have full control of the outstaffed team, aside from the hiring and payroll terms.

Conversely, outsourcing is another remote hiring model wherein the outsourced teams are hired to complete a certain project. Like outstaffing, outsourcing doesn’t involve hiring of talents, for they already have a team of experts for each service. This is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for a one-time project case for their website.

For in-depth blog about in-house vs outsourcing, check out this blog.

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Why Outsource Web Development Services?

With the growing demands of users, businesses need to keep up with changing trends without the risk of spending a large budget. Hence, outsourcing has become a smart method for this concern. Here are reasons BPO and IT businesses outsource staff.

  • Less hiring efforts. Remote staffing model allows businesses to cut time and cost of hiring process. The outsource company has a team of experts to hire staff per job post.
  • Minimal supervision. The outsourced team has its own work process. Thus, you don’t need to micromanage the project. Once you gave the project goals and KPIs, they will be able to work on it and present the output on the agreed deadline. You also need not worry about their monthly pay, for it is project based.
  • Access to skills. Expand your business think tank without spending a big chunk of your budget. Hire experts and get expected output with the help of your trusted outsource team. If you don’t have an in-house team, outsource staff for website creation will help you.
  • Latest technology. Aside from ensuring that your team has the right skills, outsourcing could also help gain access to the latest technology. Since these teams are required to provide topnotch web design services, they have the right tools and programs to provide this offer. You don’t have to buy program licenses or access for these single take projects.
  • Cost reduction. Since the time and hiring effort will be lessened, the total cost to produce an output, a website for instance, will also be reduced. This is ideal for small businesses who are still trying online campaign efforts.

Which Roles Can Be Outsourced?

Almost any job roles can be outsourced. If your business doesn’t have its own team for IT, then hiring outsourcing services is a great solution. The roles that can be outsourced are listed below.

1. Database Administrators

Data management experts help you store and organize your data systems into useful database. They maintain the system to avoid further downtime and other issues. With the expert’s help you can collect and analyze acquired data for planning.

2. PHP Developers

These experts are the ones who develop web apps, programs, and websites, using the dynamic scripting language called PHP. They are skilled in fixing issues related to scripting and testing the websites in various platforms and browsers. Hiring a PHP expert for a single project is advised if you don’t have your IT team yet.

3. Java Developers

Web developers are in charge of creating and maintaining websites for clients and businesses who want to market their brand online. They are armed with technical skills in different programming languages used in front- and back-end development such as JavaScript, among others. Without an expert in JavaScript, the website might not respond properly.

4. WordPress Developers

Web designers rely on different design tools to aid in creating design mock-ups and aesthetically appealing designs. They also manage the site maps and wireframes for systems such as WordPress. Aside from website creation, they also manage WordPress plugins and themes to address the client needs.

5. Website Maintenance Specialists

Web maintenance specialists are responsible for keeping your website up to date, preventing security breaches, boosting search ranking, and maintaining a backup of your website’s content. They also ensure that the website has the latest WordPress, plugins, and themes. Hiring them allows you to acquire the finest health for your website.

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How Much Does it Cost to Outsource Website Development?

Short answer: It depends. The price range web services depend on the scope and business goals that the clients set. Aside from that, rates also differ per outsource team. This may also depend on the type of skills and working hours that one needs for a project.

However, based on a report, the average cost for building a website ranges from $1,000 (for a simple business website) to $95,000 or more (for a complex custom website). So, it’s best to get a quote from your chosen outsource service team to get a better costing.

Outsource Web Development Services Today!

Boost brand awareness and attract more clients through a website for your business. Rank high in top search engines and get more leads and sales with a responsive website. Now that you’ve read how to outsource web development, partner with us today and make your brand known across the web. Talk to our experts to learn more and get a free quote!