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7 Mistakes Clients Make When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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The demand for virtual assistants (VAs) continues to increase as more professionals and business owners discover the perks of outsourcing non-core tasks. Before you click that “Hire Me” button, be aware that certain protocols are necessary to enjoy success with a VA.

Check out first these hiring mistakes that clients looking for or working with virtual assistants usually make.

Common Hiring Mistakes
1. Your business is not VA ready.

This goes first among these hiring mistakes because most clients are jumping into a project with a VA without planning. They impetuously assign tasks without explaining what they do because they’re blindly going through each step without a thought. To be VA ready, you must know the tasks to delegate and its process, and be able to explain it.

2. You’re hiring a VA for the wrong reasons.

The best reason to hire a VA is to save you time, money, and effort that will result in stronger returns elsewhere. If you’re in it because of your competitor or somebody else told you, hiring a VA when you don’t have a valid reason is a waste of money.

3. Your instructions are vague.

Virtual assistants are no mind reader so they’ll need detailed documentations and instructions outlining your preferences for completing the tasks you delegate. Never assume that they can intuitively know how you want things done if you don’t want your time and money to go to waste.

mistakes in hiring a virtual assistant

4. You’re expecting too much from your VA candidates.

Providing a good job description is vital, but keep in mind that a single person may not be able to handle all of your business needs. To avoid disappointments, evaluate everything you expect from your VA before you post for the job. This will prevent the scope of your projects from exceeding your VA’s abilities down the line.

5. You want everything done at once.

One of the common hiring mistakes is the misguided decision to hire a VA to complete all of these duties from day one. This happens all the time, and it’s definitely a recipe for disaster. Instead of hiring a VA to perform various tasks and regret it later, learn to prioritize. Start out with your most urgent need and hire a person to accomplish the tasks associated with that role.

6. You’re not committing time to train your VA.

Always remember that while most VAs are administrative pros, they aren’t perfect. They can’t take one look at the business systems you’ve spent years shoehorning together and instantly perceive what needs to happen. Even if you’re busy, you still have to commit time for your VA’s training. Think of it as an investment. The more time you spend on training, the better output and stronger your working relationship would be.

7. You fail to communicate with your VA.

Communication is vital in any relationship and it includes the connection between you and your VA. Seek and commit to a communication system that works for both of you. The most common reason a lot of client–VA relationships fail is because one or the other suddenly disappears and the interaction comes to a halt.

If you avoid these hiring mistakes, you’ll save more time, money, and effort that you can use on more important parts of your businesses. If you’re yet to hire a VA, Outsource-Philippines can provide you expert virtual assistant services for your business. Call or email us to learn more about our offers.

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