What Type of Digital Marketer Can Boost Your Business?

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The concept of marketing has already changed. While the good old selling methods are still usable and effective, the world now uses more innovative marketing concepts and practices. In effect, this gave birth to digital marketers and changed the way old-school agents do business.

Check out this list so you can decide on the best person to trust and hire for your next project.

1. The Pioneer

Are you searching for a well-versed digital marketer willing to take risks and test new methods? Choose a “pioneer” as he loves to try the latest tools and innovations in the industry. He doesn’t fear taking chances because he knows they can pull out new trends and bring exciting opportunities.

2. The Trendsetter


Unlike the pioneer, this marketer checks on the craze before capitalizing on new marketing methods. He’s always active in scoping out the hottest trends in Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Further, he boasts a large network of fellow marketers who he collaborates with to spot the latest marketing trends.

3. The Traditionalist

Backed with years of experience, the traditionalist prefers to stick to his tried-and-tested formulas. He already knows what works in the business and handles marketing with a consistent game plan. He may not always be innovative, but he often has a successful track record that speaks for itself.

4. The Budget Master

This digital marketer can maximize your small budget without sacrificing the quality of your marketing efforts. He knows how to compare costs to total efficacy, boost the value of your campaigns, and recycle materials. He fits small to mid-size businesses as he knows how to make every dollar count.

5. The Big Spender


Do you have big, complex projects right under your nose? Trust a big spender who can deal with enterprise clients in need of nationwide campaigns. He is no stranger to handling large amounts of money and to ensuring the best return on investment.

6. The Marathon Expert

Knowing that little wins are what make the brand great in the end, this digital marketer perfectly suits companies who are trying to build a good image. He may not produce the best results upfront but he has the perfect solution for your long-term plans.


7. The Well-Rounded Digital Marketer

Do you want to take advantage of every opportunity for your brand? Why don’t you work with a well-rounded maven? He looks for every single chance to market a business and test everything before bailing on a marketing channel. He’s a risk taker adept of trying new options and driving great results with long-term branding.

8. The Creative Ace

This design and content-focused marketer specializes in viral marketing. He may struggle with conversions and profits but he works great with business brands and provides ideas that your artists and writers can use. He may seem preoccupied and all over the place, too, but that’s what makes him exceptional.

9. The Analytical Whizz


Contrary to the creative ace, this whizz can make your finance team proud. He examines analytics to find the issues that need fixing and gets excited every time he finds something new.

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