How to Hire Best Virtual Assistant Company

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Bombarded with to-dos? While it’s already hard to manage a service firm, dealing with admin tasks makes matters worse. You unknowingly spend and waste too much time doing these tasks. This results in an unfruitful workday and may hamper your real, core duties. For a firm that sells services, we know that time is money for you—literally. Every hour spent on minor tasks is money loss.

Want to know how other service firms overcome this problem? It is by hiring a virtual assistant (VA). A VA will attend to the admin tasks while you focus on running the firm. To help you grasp the ins and outs of VA outsourcing, here are some pointers from the best virtual assistant company, Outsource-Philippines.

In-House Staff vs. Virtual Employee

Hiring in-house staff includes

    • Possible wasted time at work and paid salary regardless of tasks completed
    • Expenses for taxes, utilities, social security, insurance, and benefits
    • Overtime charges for rush work outside office hours
    • Costs for recruitment and training for new hires
    • Additional office space and equipment

Hiring a VA offers

    • As needed, by project and “time on task” payment
    • Savings from taxes, utilities, social security, insurance, and benefits
    • Weekend and evening schedule and support
    • Savings from recruitment and training for new hires
    • Extra funds saved from the additional equipment and office space

Types of Virtual Assistants

Team of expert VAs from the best virtual assistant company

There are two types of Virtual Assistant. Before you hire one, understand first which type best suits the tasks you plan to outsource.

Dedicated VAs

A dedicated virtual assistant offers a very specific skill set and is good at doing complex tasks. It includes tech support, project management, graphic design, bookkeeping, content writing, video editing, and so on. They have a higher hourly rate because they already have a targeted skill set and will require minimal training for special instructions.

General VAs

General VAs, the most common type, are known as virtual personal assistants. They handle daily, recurring tasks crucial in running your business but not focused on growing it. These tasks include managing emails, booking tickets and hotels, data entry, research, posting social media and so on.

Tools Used by Most Virtual Assistant Firms

Since you most likely never meet your VA in person, these tools will help you build and maintain a productive and good working rapport.

1. For Project Management
– Basecamp
– Asana
– Trello

2. For Communication
– Whatsapp
– Skype
– Google Hangouts

3. For Secure File Sharing
– Google Drive
– LastPass
– Dropbox

Tedious Administrative Tasks to Outsource

Work with the best virtual assistant company (that’s us!) and let our expert VAs take these tedious admin tasks off your shoulders.

1. Admin Assistance

We can help reduce the burden of doing all the work. Our team can send emails, prepare reports, take notes, and book hotel and activities for your next personal or business travel.

2. Appointment Setting

Never worry about setting appointments for our skilled agents can do it for you. From prospect searching to arranging sales calls, we’ve got you covered.

3. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Track your finances and get accurate reports. We offer error-free bookkeeping and accounting services to help you achieve your business goals.

4. Data Entry

Organize your database easier with error-free data entry and topnotch outputs with the help of our data clerks’ fancy hands.

5. Lead Generation

Save time, money, and effort and gather qualified leads easier. Let our specialists help your sales team convert prospects to clients and yield positive results.

6. Online Research and Analysis

Learn trends through online research. Our experts are skilled at using the right online research tools to produce data for your projects and plans.

7. Schedule and Calendar Management

Whether it’s personal or business-related, our VAs will make sure all your appointments are scheduled properly and commitments are carried out on time.

Hiring the Best Virtual Assistant Company

Businessman satisfied in hiring the best virtual assistant company

Being in the business since 2003, our team of experts has served a wide-range of clients worldwide. Here’s why they chose and trusted us.

1. Friendly Customer Service
We are highly flexible, easy to work with, and can adjust to various work setups and client needs.

2. Round-the-Clock Staffing
Time zone won’t be a problem for we can adapt to any work schedule and shift to attend to your business needs.

3. Up-to-Date Tools and Tactics
We aim to provide you with the fastest and most precise data entry services through the latest tools and software.

Ready for lighter yet productive workdays ahead? Hiring the best virtual assistant company can help you ease your workload stress and focus on your core tasks. If you want to enjoy these awesome perks, request a free quote now and let’s get started.

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