Twitter Marketing Strategy to Maximize the 280 Characters

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On September 26, 2017, Twitter’s character limit shot from 140 to 280. The move drew both good and bad feedback from Twitter users and marketers alike. Extra characters meant more ideas to share. However, some fear that tweets might lose their impact since the additional characters might spoil the content’s wit. Hence, businesses must improve their Twitter marketing strategy, so that this development will work more to their advantage and not the other way around.

Twitter Marketing Strategy for Businesses

Businesses use Twitter to promote their brands and engage with their customers. They use it to share news and other information. It’s also useful for branding, reputation management, and for interacting with their patrons.

Twitter is an effective marketing tool and is unique among other social media platforms. Brands’ main goal here is to ignite conversations that would trend. Trending topics get the most engagement; thus, businesses must write compelling contents that sell like pancakes.

Communication drives Twitter’s traffic. Its main difference from other social media platforms is its need for conversation. The more people talking about your company or brand, the more customers it will attract.

Social Media Marketing Tips on Using Twitter for Business

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Using Twitter for marketing isn’t new anymore. Social media marketing for businesses via Twitter has been around for a long time now. Huge corporations even have their own accounts verified with Twitter’s trademark blue check mark.

Among the top Twitter marketing strategy tools today, creative content is still the most effective trick to gain Twitter followers and create rapport with your clients. Nothing will draw people closer to you than content that’s exciting, relevant, and useful.

Whether you are psyched for or unimpressed by the new character count, heed these Twitter marketing tips to help you increase your followers and improve your engagement.

Twitter Social Media Marketing Strategy

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Thus, we need to treat tweets like mighty weapons. Now that you have more word power, follow this Twitter marketing guide to help you maximize the new character limit.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Twitter is a micro-blogging site, but it does not mean that it will only do very little for you. Think of short but witty posts that will grab your followers’ attention. Your goal is to either get them into a conversation, or make them retweet your posts and engage their own followers through your content.

Hit the Bull’s Eye All the Time

Be straight to the point and focus on one topic only. In fact, your followers will lose interest if you confuse them with pointless blabber. Plan and compose your tweets ahead of time so your content stays sharp.

Use Hashtags

Be part of trending topics or create your own trending topics by using relevant and keyword-rich hashtags.

Add Multimedia Content

Aside from just plain text, you can add photos, links, and videos to your tweets. Your posts get more attention if you use all of them in your feed. Otherwise, try mixing them up more often.

Know Your Followers

The best way to engage your audience is to ask their own views and opinions. Shoot them questions or even create a Twitter poll. In addition, keep the ball rolling with interesting queries.

Inspire Genuine Engagement

You can make direct contact with followers thru replies and retweets. If a customer, retweeted your post, thank them to acknowledge their effort. Showing rather you appreciate them will inspire their trust and loyalty to your brand.

Twitter Marketing Strategy That Works for any Type of Business

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Remember these Twitter marketing strategy tips to get more benefits from the additional Twitter character limit. Aside from Twitter, you can tap and capitalize on other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to gain business growth. Do you want to win in the social media marketing game? Contact us now to learn what best social media specialists can do to boost your reach and profits.

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