Holidays in the Philippines for 2023 People Should Take Note

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As the government begins to loosen up on COVID-19 restrictions in efforts to revive the economy, people now begin to plan vacations with friends, relatives, and coworkers during the holidays in the Philippines. It’s also the most awaited time for employees to get off work and unwind to the beautiful sounds of nature, beaches, and the mountains. But for others, they see it as a chance to gain extra income as employers provide extra pay for employees who report to work during holidays.

Aside from employees, business owners take note of holidays as this affects the overall operation of the company. Most firms—especially big companies—require employees 24/7 to provide deliverables to clients across the globe. Thus, some companies began hiring outsourcing teams to work on these tasks on their behalf to ensure continuous operations even on holidays.

So, to help you with your plans and strategies for 2023, here is the list of holidays in the Philippines everyone should take note of in their calendars.

List of Holidays Celebration in the Philippines

The Philippines has a lot of celebrations that include different festivals, occasions, and holidays. In fact, Filipinos use these occasions to prepare food for family, neighbors, and visitors, which reflects on the country’s renowned hospitality.

And to give you a brief background, here is the list of public holidays in the Philippines that Filipinos celebrate.

  • New Year’s Day. This event marks the first day of the year. People and businesses use this celebration to both create personal resolutions and set professional goals for the upcoming year.
  • Lunar New Year. Also known as the Chinese New Year, it signifies the transition between the zodiac signs.
  • Day of Valor. This is celebrated to commemorate the fallen heroes of the Bataan Death March under the Japanese occupation during World War II.
  • Holy Week. It’s the most-awaited long weekend for employees,the Holy Week includes two regular holidays—Maundy Thursday and Good Friday—that move depending on the day of Easter Sunday.
  • Labor Day. In honor of the invaluable contributions of Filipino workers, businesses usually celebrate this day by giving awards to their employees.
  • Eid al-Fitr. This day marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan according to the Islamic calendar.
  • Philippine Independence Day. This day commemorates the country’s independence from the oppressive end of the Spanish era.
  • Eid al-Adha. This holiday serves to honor Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son to show obedience according to the Islamic Quran.
  • National Heroes Day. Observed on the last Monday of August each year, this day commemorates the Cry of Pugad Lawin, a revolt that prompted the 1896 Philippine Revolution against the Spanish Empire.
  • Bonifacio Day. This day is celebrated in honor of one of the Philippine heroes, Andres Bonifacio.
  • Feast of the Immaculate Conception. This holiday honors Mary’s conception without sin, in accordance with the Catholic Church’s beliefs.
  • Christmas Day. Widely considered a season of giving, this is one of the most-awaited holidays in the Philippines, when people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ..
  • Rizal Day. This day is to memorialize the works and life of the Philippines’ national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, who died on this day in 1896.

Knowing the list of holidays in the Philippines helps businesses come up with different marketing strategies like promos, design, and banners. Furthermore, it can help them respect the Filipino culture and learn about the different traditions each Filipino employee has. Also, it’s great to know about this holiday if you’re planning to outsource to the Philippines.

List of 2023 Regular Holidays in the Philippines

As per the Official Gazette, the Malacañang Palace has released the list of holidays in the Philippines for 2023, which includes both regular and special non-working holidays. Here is the list of holidays in the Philippines signed by the President on August 22, 2022.

Regular Holidays

  • New Year’s Day – January 1 (Sunday)
  • Day of Valor – April 9 (Sunday)
  • Maundy Thursday  – April 14
  • Good Friday – April 15
  • Labor Day – May 1 (Monday)
  • Eid’l Fitr – Under observance set by the Islamic calendar
  • Independence Day – June 12 (Monday)
  • Eid al-Adha – Under observance set by the Islamic calendar
  • National Heroes Day – August 29 (Monday)
  • Bonifacio Day – November 30 (Thursday)
  • Christmas Day – December 25 (Monday)
  • Rizal Day – December 30 (Saturday)

Special Non-working Holidays

  • EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary – February 25 (Saturday)
  • Black Saturday – April 16
  • Ninoy Aquino Day – August 21 (Monday)
  • All Saints’ Day – November 1 (Wednesday)
  • All Souls’ Day – November 2 (Thursday) Additional special (non-working) holiday
  • Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary – December 8 (Friday)
  • Last Day of the Year – December 31 (Sunday)
Outsource-Philippines infographics for the list of  holidays in the Philippines for 2023

Download a copy of the Holidays in the Philippines for 2023.

How Outsourcing Companies Works During Holidays

As mentioned above, outsourcing companies work even on holidays in the Philippines. They have 24/7 staff who are ready to work for the business, including holidays—depending on the work schedule you assign to them. For example, if you are outsourcing customer service representative tasks that require 24/7 chat or call support for your clients, the outsourcing company will give you multiple people who will work on shifting schedules to fill the 24-hour-per-day requirement.

The process of hiring an outsourcing team in the Philippines is easy—they’ll ask for your company’s goal, vision, budget, and specific request for the task you’ll outsource. Then, after knowing your needs, they’ll give you a team or a professional who will work for your business to achieve a great result.

List of Public Holidays in the USA and Canada for 2023

Aside from the holidays in the Philippines, outsourcing companies also mark off public holidays in other countries—mostly the USA, and Canada. This helps them to create plans and strategies according to the type of outsourcing services their clients need. So, if you have business with other countries, here are the public holidays you should take note of.

List of Federal Holidays in the USA

  • New Year’s Day – January 1 (Sunday)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day – January 16 (third Monday of January)
  • US Presidents’ Day – February 20 (third Monday of February)
  • US Memorial Day – May 29 (last Monday of May)
  • Juneteenth – June 19 (Monday)
  • US Independence Day – July 4 (Tuesday)
  • US Labor Day – September 4 (first Monday of September)
  • Columbus Day – October 9 (second Monday of October)
  • US Veterans Day – November 11 (Saturday)
  • Thanksgiving Day – November 23 (fourth Thursday of November)
  • Christmas Day – December 25 (Monday)
Outsource-Philippines infographics for the list of federalholidays in the USA for 2023

Download a copy of the Federal Holidays in the USA for 2023.

List of Statutory Holidays in Canada

  • New Year’s Day – January 1 (Sunday)
  • Good Friday – April 7
  • Easter Monday – April 10
  • Victoria Day – May 22 (Monday)
  • Canada Day – July 1 (Saturday)
  • Civic Day – August 7 (First Monday of August)
  • Labour Day – September 4 (Monday)
  • National Day of Truth and Reconciliation – September 30 (Saturday)
  • Thanksgiving Day – October 9 (Monday)
  • Remembrance Day – November 11 (Saturday)
  • Christmas Day – December 25 (Monday)
  • Boxing Day – December 26 (Tuesday)
Outsource-Philippines infographics for the list of Statutory holidays in the Canada for 2023

Download a copy of the Statutory Holidays in Canada for 2023.

The federal holidays in the United States have rules which are called “in lieu of” holidays. This means that when the holiday falls on a non-working day, full-time employees—including those who work flexible and compressed work hours—are entitled to a day off depending on the day the holiday falls. If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the Friday before the holiday will be declared a holiday. On the other hand, if the holiday falls on a Sunday, the Monday following the holiday will be declared non-working. Unfortunately, part-timers are excluded from these benefits.

Knowing these holidays can help you work smoothly on the international market. In fact, when you’re providing services with foreign clients, you don’t want to waste a single hour in missing communication with them. Hence, working 24/7 even on holidays would be the best fit for your business. But, it requires the right number of employees to work on. 

Outsource to the Philippines and Work with a Dedicated Team

If you think that hiring full-time employees to work for you is time-consuming, then start to hire a bunch of talents without the hassle through outsourcing. You don’t need to train employees and equip them with necessary tools because these experts are full of knowledge and have resources ready to use for the specific field.

Save your time and money with the help of the top outsourcing company in the Philippines. Hiring professionals from the Philippines will help you take advantage of many perks, including skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced people who work even on holidays. So, don’t waste your time thinking. Contact us today, and get your business ready to navigate towards success.