Dissecting Human Resource Outsourcing

Human Resource OutsourcingIf you just started your own business, human resources (HR) may not be a huge problem, at least not yet.

But when your business workload grows, you will inevitably need to hire additional employees. Apart from hiring new employees, you would also have to consider orienting and training them for certain positions while keeping track of their regular working hours. Attrition rates should be checked along with the salary range that every employee should receive.
Are you done yet?

Well, not likely. There would always be additional HR tasks to be accomplished. Performance evaluations, productivity monitoring, promotions, and other performance-related activities are waiting to be analyzed and completed. In a workplace teeming with employees, HR can sometimes get out of control. At this point, companies may need a little help from a third-party service provider.

Role of the Industry

Human resource outsourcing plays an important role in helping various companies save time, money, and resources. This also helps in ensuring the productivity of the entire workforce.

The service providers are experts in their field. As such, they can actually share specific knowledge and experience in the field of HR to clients. In effect, they are reliable and dependable.

The firms regularly consult with job analysts and career and occupational specialists. This enables them to make a well-rounded approach to situations affecting both the employees and the management. Based on client feedback, they can set rules and regulations for compensation and bonuses, as well as acceptable disciplinary measures.

In addition to this, many HR outsourcing companies have realized the need to specialize in providing industry-specific services. A number of agencies have developed expertise in construction, engineering, legal, real estate, health care, and more.

Having a specialization will mean additional costs. In addition, small, medium, and large companies still need to comply and be accountable to state and federal laws in areas where they operate.

Top Outsourced Functions

Some of the top tasks and functions outsourced mainly by small businesses are the following:

  • Payroll processes, including salary restructuring, pay-day periods, tax-sheltered annuities, and bonuses;
  • Information systems processes, including Intranet and Internet access and connectivity, management of database, networking;
  • Employee data management, including relocations, new hires, job promotions and demotions;
  • Benefits management, including life insurance, health care, dental and vision care, and short- and long-term disability;
  • Arbitration of disputes between employees;
  • Career development, which includes staff training and education; and
  • Continuing education for veterans.

Factors for Choosing a Provider

Human resource outsourcing requires strong track record and vast experience. At present, the industry is undergoing rapid changes in terms of procedures and regulations. In this regard, the providers need to be attuned to the changes in the field, carry out its role in business operations, and present suggestions and recommendations on how to effectively handle various situations.

Industry associations are important sources of information. Service providers that acquired certifications from associations are positive indicators that a firm is worthy and reliable.

We all know that running an HR department is a very complex field that deals with manpower acquisition, retention, and management. With human resource outsourcing, companies will have lesser worries about finding and screening potential employees to fill certain positions in the company and hopefully reap all the great benefits.

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