2017’s Seven Thriving Modern Logo Design Trends

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In graphic design, it’s always great to look forward to and plan for the possible trends in the coming months. Check this list to learn the modern logo design trends that thrive in 2017.

2017’s Modern Logo Design Trends for Good Branding


1. Hand-Drawn

Hand-drawn designs were in in 2016 and gained more ground in 2017. Thus, they’ve been one of the most promising logo design trends. Since they’re handmade, they emit warmth, truth, and persona. Then again, these three attributes are hard to capture using computer-aided design.

Example: Bread & Breakfast

2. Minimalism

Today, designers strive to create loud, cluttered, and complex logos. Yet in their effort to standout, often the simplest designs are the ones to catch the eye. In particular, instead of tricky logos, better keep yours simple because it must carry what the brand does with utter clarity. Thus, designers must make sure their austere designs are both practical and purpose-driven.

Example: Google and Verizon

3. Negative Space

Experts say using negative spaces will be one of the breakthrough trends in logo design this year. Further, this style points the viewer’s attention to the brand’s attributes in a more impressive way. Based on dual-imagery, graphic designers sometimes use this technique to add hidden meanings or symbolism into the logo.

Example: Golf Spartan

4. Line Art

Line art first picked up the pace in 2015, sustained its place last year, and may soon peak again. Using one solid color and steady line thickness, most brands that have this style wish to show they’re fun, modern, and laid back. Besides, designers are more probable to find more artistic ways to merge negative space with line art designs, too.

Example: Nestle

5. Vintage

Vintage logos aim to denote authenticity, nostalgia, personality, and emotion by merging modern flat elements with old-school shapes and designs. In addition, this trend has become a favorite because people have strong emotions for and fond memories linked to past events in their life. Yet, designers must take caution with this style because, by mistake, it can often portray a brand as outdated.

Example: Lucky Brand Jeans

6. Circles and Geometric Shapes

As said before, the trend favors simplicity and shapes. The geometric ones (the circle) are taking the limelight. Likewise, experts agree that the simpler the geometry, the better the design. The surface effect that can shift from flat to transparent to gradation is often what makes a logo different.

Example: OpenTable

7. Letter Stacking

Here, logo designers place words with varied fonts on top of each other to challenge the eyes and grab the viewer’s attention. In fact, vertical placement and using varied fonts let them split long sections of texts, making it easier for viewers to grasp and recall them.

Example: American Library Association

Logo design is one of the most vital parts of marketing because it defines the visual mark of a brand. Your design choice will make your product or business more notable; thus, it’s important to work with expert logo designers if you wish to be excellent in the field. It’s their bread and butter, so they always keep an eye on modern logo design trends and ideas to stay in the game.