Web Developers’ Biggest Career Lessons

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We all make mistakes but committing them in area where we think we excel the most is truly disappointing. For some, these errors are but a reflection of our incapacity or a source of mediocre work.

Like anyone else in the workforce, web developers have their own fair share of disappointments. Who would want to take the blame for a web site that doesn’t serve its purpose?

But what causes such failures and disappointments? Is it lack of knowledge, illogical thinking, wrong analysis, or simply technological unfamiliarity?

We all know that logic does not always come in the right situation even for web developers. So to make sure you avoid the same mistakes as other developers, learn from these five careers lessons before making your own program:

  • Write clean code – Making a code could be tiresome but debugging it is a lot more exhausting. To save time, write a properly indented and readable code that adheres to the best practices.

this is good!

  • Work on language before the framework – Many site developers are guilty of doing the wrong practice—working on the framework first before the language. While you can start working on any of the two processes, it is better to start with the language so you can grasp well how the framework works.

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  • Learn the most accessible language – So what language should you focus on first? Master JavaScript before learning the other ones. As an app, JavaScript can run in any device that has a net browser.

  • Master one language at a time – While learning different programming languages can help you widen your knowledge, it is better if you focus on just one. This will help you develop high level of mastery over a certain language.

  • Learn to manage the changes – You should be familiar with a system or configuration management that records changes to computer programs over time so that you can track all the versions later. This technique, known as version control, works well if you are a part of a group working on a certain project.

I'm great at version control

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