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Virtual Assistants: Online Angels or Online Crooks, Your Call

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Virtual Assistants- Online Angels or Online Crooks, You Decide - ImageWe all know that in a typical, “ordinary” day, an individual spends about 8-9 hours working. Nonetheless, business owners are sometimes left working even at the wee hours fulfilling business activities for the day. Having such a habit can definitely ruin not only your health, but also your business. The result of stress and frustration for not being able to get things done on time can lead to more stress and decrease in productivity. However, time will come when you will eventually resort to delegating your tasks for you to be able to focus more on your core tasks. Now, the question here is: will you get a virtual assistant or settle with your in-house staff?

In the older times, getting a secretary is another task itself. The process of sifting through a bulk of resumes, monitoring examinations, and going through long interviews has its ways of eating through the company’s supposedly productive time and financial resources. But the continuous growth and improvement in today’s technology paved way to the rise of new kind of secretaries that thrive online.

Virtual assistants have already penetrated the small-scale business and other medium scale companies. Since the virtual assistants are paid only for the job they performed, this type of set-up is perfect for these enterprises that opt for cost-cutting measures in order to fully leverage the cost of their money.

Benefits of having a virtual assistant

Since business owners and other employers have their respective virtual assistants, they discovered that the terms were more flexible than having in-house employees. How is this possible? Employers who prefer to have virtual assistants no longer need to undergo the stressful process of hiring. All they have to do is go online and hire a virtual assistant.

Aside from this convenience, employers can also hire as many virtual assistants depending on his needs and eventually, remove them upon the completion of a certain project. There is also flexible replacement option when a virtual assistant fails to meet your expectations and needs.

Moreover, instructions provided to virtual assistants are easier to understand due to a more appropriate communication means such as e-mails, video guides, and instant messengers. This new way of communication provides lesser chances for any miscommunication or misunderstanding to occur.

In addition, employers no longer need to acquire additional working space and equipment to accommodate an additional manpower. With virtual secretaries, the individual or service provide itself provides the workstation and equipment needed to perform the specifications of the client, in this case, the business owner or employer. Employers only pay for the output produce by their virtual assistants but still get the best quality in terms of performance.

Virtual assistant has a varying expertise and functions. Depending on your perceived need, you can hire a virtual assistant who possesses the needed skills and abilities to perform the requirements of the job. For instance, if you’re going to hand out web site development task, then you have to look for a virtual assistant with web site development specialty.

May it be on payroll activities, research, article writing, and other minor tasks, a virtual assistant can perfectly fit your needs.

Crooks with hooks, maybe not.

While the boom in the outsourcing industry has open doors for individuals and companies specializing in various tasks; nonetheless, there are still issues and controversies regarding virtual assistants.

For one, there are some individuals who believe that remote assistants especially those coming from outsourcing companies based in the Philippines, India, and China are less efficient compared to the in-house staff. This is not true. Virtual assistants, especially those coming from the Philippines, are efficient and capable of meeting the demands of the clients. Since the country was under the American regime for quite a while, Filipinos have developed their skill in speaking and communicating via the English language. Moreover, the innate traits and qualities of Filipinos such as being adaptive, hospitable, sensitive to the needs of other people, and proficiency in learning and doing new tasks made them very fit to do various duties.

Aside from the efficiency problem, individuals also consider the unreliability of communication via the Internet. Moreover, critics also look at the issue of quality control for the works of a virtual assistant.

This is not usually the case. Employers or their supervisors can monitor the performance of their virtual assistant as they are ordered to submit their reports daily. Moreover, they can be easily contacted by any means, phone, e-mail, and even instant messenger. Moreover, virtual assistants are trained and instructed to report, submit, and update their employers on the progress of each or their tasks.

Though there are issues and problems that may arise from hiring virtual assistants, nonetheless, these can all be outweighed by the benefits that an employer can get from them.

Just ensure that you outsource your tasks to legitimate and qualified outsource providers to avoid fraud and being scammed by individuals pretending to be “experts” in the field. Always check their credibility and evaluate their capacity on how they treat your inquiries. From there, you can be sure on how efficient they are in handling all the jobs entrusted to them.

Why would you settle for something expensive when you can get the same result for a lower cost? Outsource your minor tasks and routine jobs to a virtual assistant and see how they can put efficiency and excellence into a higher level.