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8 Daunting Tasks You Can Assign to a Virtual Assistant

Business owners, like you, can save ample time, resources, and energy when you hire a virtual assistant. But knowing which tasks to assign could be tricky. Check out this list and discover eight of the most daunting virtual assistant tasks you should start outsourcing today.

Virtual Assistant Tasks You Should Outsource

1. Online Research

Do you spend too much time finding info on websites and screening potential hires and business contacts? You can pass these time-consuming tasks to your VA. Just don’t forget to instruct them properly and share your usernames and passwords so they can access specialty tools or paid websites with ease.

2. Data Management

Data management is such a petty task that wastes a lavish amount of your time. Whether you need to collect or enter data and present reports, your VA can do the job on your behalf. Specify your needs and expectations and make sure you hire an expert to avoid glaring errors.

3. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping will take you plenty of time since you will be recording bills, invoices, payment etc. It’s one of the hardest virtual assistant tasks to assign, too, because you will need to share account access and private info such as passwords. Thus, be careful and choose an efficient and trustworthy VA who can fulfill these risky tasks for you.

4. Call and Email Management

Phone calls and emails can bring either opportunities or distraction to busy business owners. Save your valued time by hiring someone who can filter urgent calls and respond to emails promptly. Guide them on how to pick out key contacts and emails and ask your VA to give you a copy before sending out any responses to lessen errors.

5. Schedule Management

Online scheduling tools aren’t enough to manage your hectic timetables and remind you of your vital whereabouts. Hence, it pays to have a secretary who can manage your calendar, schedule your meetings, and plan your business trips. Such virtual assistant tasks will save you from the nightmare of dealing with chaotic events and forgotten meetings.

6. Competitor Analysis

You need not waste your time keeping an eye on your rivals. Now, you can simply assign a virtual assistant to check on your current and potential competitors and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Gathering and analyzing your rival’s products, services, and special offers can take a great amount of your time. It can be exhausting and stressful but your VA can do it for you weekly and even check out online reviews about you and your competitors if you wish.

7. Social Media Management

Your business should have a profile on all the leading social media platforms to maximize its potential. Instead of spending your precious time moving from one account to another, let your VA do the job for you. They can handle comments and questions and share regular updates on your brand.

8. Content Writing

Content is one of the most vital parts of a website. If you don’t have the skills and confidence, leave it to the hands of a VA that can understand your brand and develop a content that supports your ideas. With their years of experience, writing articles, web pages, and blogs that can deliver results won’t be hard to do.

virtual assistant tasks

Virtual assistants can help you buy more time in your workweek, alleviate stress due to overflowing workload, and focus on your core tasks. Indeed, the number of virtual assistant tasks that you can outsource is truly surprising. If you want to enjoy these perks, Outsource-Philippines can give you more. Check out our virtual assistant services page to get a full view of our offers.


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