Video Editing

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For video captures to produce outstanding output, they must be rearranged, created with transitions, and applied with enhancements. Skills in these processes are the key to producing superb videos. OUTSOURCE-PHILIPPINES ensures that all your video editing projects are excellent. This is how we define effective video editing outsourcing.

We have been doing video editing outsourcing services over the past several years, providing various high-end clients with first rate outputs. Our team of video editors is composed of skilled individuals, who have gained comprehensive experience in the industry. They are very proficient in using various linear and non-linear video editing software products such as:

  • Adobe Systems
  • Avid Technology
  • Media 100
  • Montage Extreme
  • Pinnacle VideoSpin
  • VideoThang
  • Picture2avi
  • TrakAxPC

In our outsourcing services pricing, our video editors can work for you full time, with a fixed monthly charge; or for a specific number of days/months, which will be charged on a per hour basis.