Underground Business Process Outsourcing Services

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Many foreign investors treat the Philippines as both an offshore paradise and a chamber for polluting buildings with unaccredited, unlicensed business offices filled with talented and dynamic Filipino urban professionals. Despite the nation’s comfortable lead as Asia’s top provider of outsourced voice-based solutions, it has still a lot to learn in regulating business process outsourcing or BPO services that step between legal boundaries.

The Philippines has slowly but carefully embraced various offshore services considered unethical in richer countries such as the United States. Outsourced services such as voice chats that stir sexual conversations between client and employee is one of the most hotly debated aspects of the underground business process outsourcing services in the Philippines.

Investigative media and other sectors protecting the rights of Filipino employees scorn at how foreign investors exploit the country’s dynamic minds. Although nothing is dynamic about sexually-tinged conversations between the realms of outsourcing, still it manages to take advantage of Filipinos interested in working for BPO companies all over the Philippines’ bustling trade market.

The Philippines, known as a top competitor for being the world’s largest provider of various outsourced services ranging from animation to research, is in danger of losing its attractive reputation for allowing underground business outsourcing services into its highly adaptive offices.

  • Spamming – Business owners or criminal organizations that have taken a liking for online fraud and scams use the services of local SEO specialists to spam pages containing irrelevant links of their websites’ keywords. SEO experts in the country are treated as online prophets who defile high-quality pages in exchange for unusual benefits and compensations rendered by their foreign masters.
  • Cyber-sex – Pornography is a very lucrative industry, which many online thieves and criminals indulge on. However, since anti-pornography legislation is strictly implemented in countries like the United States, they turn to our country’s weak anti-voyeurism laws to initiate their dirty needs.