These 10 Words Make You Sound Rude In Emails [Infographic]

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Writing an email to your colleagues and clients is much different from writing the same copy to your family and friends. As an administrative assistant, you need to be more cautious with your word choice. Speaking with clients and colleagues through email means you must keep a professional yet pleasant tone. There are certain terms or words that are best said in person as you can easily see their meaning through body movements or facial expressions. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand that and might tag you as rude if they misinterpret your message.

Which Words Does a Smart Administrative Assistant Avoid Using in Their Emails?

When you’re not very careful, your choice of words could bring ill effects to your career and your company. Further, tact and courtesy is a sign of professionalism. Hence, if you wish to preserve that standard, keep in mind that the following words and items might confuse your readers. Make sure that you proofread your emails before sending them out.

  • Fine
  • Thanks
  • Swearing
  • Important
  • Me
  • You
  • Need
  • Actually
  • Sorry
  • No
  • !

Administrative assistant email tips

Where to Find More Tips to Help you Improve as an Administrative Assistant?

Who says an assistant only plays a minor role in the workplace? Those people got it all wrong. Without them to help us keep up, the office will surely be chaotic. Admin assistants build relationships with clients, delegate and monitor tasks, and relay messages between people. If you’re looking for more ways to be better at your craft, there are plenty of sources for info in the internet. thus, an administrative assistant plays a vital role in any firms success. Hence, hard work that you put in will never go to waste. For more career tips, don’t forget to visit our blog.  You may also download a copy of this infographic These 10 Words Make You Sound Rude in Emails.

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