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The Unstoppable Growth of Call Center Outsourcing in PH

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The boom of business process outsourcing in the Philippines has become noticeable not only because of the sudden rise of BPO and KPO hubs across the country but also of the revenues generated by the industry over the years. According to statistics, compared to just $100 million in 2001, offshore outsourcing operations revenue in the Philippines jumped to $12.2 billion in 2009.

Considering that call center jobs are highly analytical and specialized, the process involved in subcontracting is never just a walk in the park. Companies must consider ups and downs of the trade despite the fact that this deal can do almost everything, from the simplest task of answering calls up to the most difficult job of handling financial records. This is where Filipino talents excel. Filipino workers employed in BPO companies do not just deliver exceptional services even if clients have limited budget for particular tasks, but most of the call center outsourcing firms in the country are capable of doing just anything.

Filipinos’ Excellence

Philippines has long been included in the list of top offshore destinations around the world. One thing that sets this Southeast Asian nation apart from its rival countries, particularly India, is the above average language proficiency and highly understandable accent of the workforce. It boasts numerous talents who are versatile in speaking different major languages. Many customers, especially American clients who outsource customer service and support in the country, find the accent very clear and understandable making it comparable to Native Americans’ way of speaking. Having English as the nation’s second language and a medium of instruction for most educational institutions, it is no doubt that Filipinos can express themselves easily and confidently.

Special Help Line

Aside from technical and mechanical skills, Filipino BPO agents are known to have an attitude ideal in delivering quality customer service to a wide variety of clientele from anywhere around the globe. In fact, they are commonly recognized for their sense of hospitality, togetherness, empathy, and shared humanity. Unlike other races, locals are well-known for their hearts that understand and a helping hand that is willing to assist in any way they can. This is the reason why the country achieves better customer satisfaction ratings and remains to be on top of the list as the most-favored outsourcing destination.

In terms of quality service, Filipinos are at the winning edge because of their undeniably incredible skills and potentials. They are well-educated, majority of them are college degree holders. They are likewise considered one of the best in terms of language proficiency, as proven by the large number of English speakers in the archipelago.

PH: A Top Choice

A number of clients find the Philippines cost-effective since production is of the same quality yet cheaper compared to other industry rivals. Through the deal, clients do not need to spend much time on doing ordinary tasks and do not have to pay for additional manpower costs.

As advancement in infrastructures and technology continues to find its place in the industry, it is expected that “virtual assistance” in the Pearl of the Orient Seas will remain to be a primary contributor to national revenue growth. Philippines is currently and will always be a source of good talents to further advance the trends in call center outsourcing industry in the world.