The Pros and Cons of Hiring Virtual Assistants

affordabitly vs. cofidentialityThe continuous growth of business process outsourcing and back office support, more and more companies opt to have Virtual Assistance (VA) instead of hiring full-time and even part-time employees for their administrative work. Why? It’s simply because having a VA handy can help one get all his admin jobs efficiently done without costing too much.

Outsourcing gave way to limitless possibilities of saving valuable money and focusing one’s resources on the improvement of core expertise and duties that are more important than paper work. All of these benefits and a lot more can be achieved through the proper and intelligent use of outsourcing your tasks to VA.

What is Virtual Assistant?
A virtual assistant (VA) is a personal assistant that offers professional secretarial as well as administrative support to businesses and individuals. Since they are called “virtual” assistant, the workplace of these individuals is at the comfort of their homes. VA services are often home-based businesses, which mean employers of VAs need not have an office or a table allotted for their assistants. VA provides support and assistance to their clients virtually via phone, e-mail, and fax.

Typically, VAs have secretarial backgrounds and provide the same secretarial tasks that your in-house secretary gives. They offer copy and audio typing, meeting managements, travel coordination, call handling, as well as diary and e-mail management. But due to the increasing competition in the workplace, Vas’ are also offering various specialized services such as e-mail marketing, blog, web design, and social media management.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant
Anyone can have their administrative tasks done through VAs, that’s a fact. But most are having doubts as whether or not they ought to outsource their tasks to one. There are a lot of reasons why business owners and other individuals are outsourcing their secretarial tasks to VAs. One is that they can have their tasks done by professionally-skilled individuals at a lower cost. Aside from that, clients of VAs also enjoy the following benefits:

Clients are free from employee-related taxes, benefits, and insurances
Since they don’t have in-house employees working for them, clients can cut-down their overhead costs and other employee-related expenses. This will enable them to focus their resources in improving the quality and viability of their product in the market.

Clients don’t need to provide or rent for extra office space, equipment, or supplies to accommodate in-house staffs
In the process of continuous improvement, there are instances where certain tasks will increase in number. For instance, paper works will likely double and thus, additional employees will be needed to accomplish these added tasks. If you have a smaller office, most likely, you will have to rent another area where your additional employees will work.

With a VA, you will no longer need additional working space or equipment to get your tasks accomplished. This is because VAs work within the comforts of their homes or offices; therefore, freeing you from other unnecessary expenses.

Virtual assistants can customize their services depending on their clients’ needs
Any administrative burdens can be taken care of by a VA. They can give you administrative assistance such as word processing, document management, Internet research, data creation and entry, PowerPoint presentation, e-mail management, and other tasks. These services depend on your need and the expertise of your chosen VA. You can always negotiate and ask for customized services that will fit your needs and requirements.

Clients can focus on their business tasks
When all administrative tasks are outsourced, business owners can now focus on improving their core competencies and managing other relevant tasks such as decision-making, strategic marketing, planning, and many others. Moreover, clients are also assured that all their paper works are handled and accomplished by the experts.

Like any other services, hiring VA’s also poses some concerns. One of these is confidentiality. Businesses want to be assured that the information that they will give will be handled properly. This is frequently resolved through a confidentiality agreement between the concerned parties.

Also, there are issues and concerns regarding the cost needed to sustain a virtual assistant. This is due to certain instances where a VA costs more than a regular secretary or temporary staff. But taking everything into consideration, outsourcing your admin tasks to a VA is a whole lot cheaper and convenient for a business owner. For one, a VA is cheaper for there are no taxes or overheads to pay. Moreover, business owners can hire a VA once there is work to be done. That means clients will only pay for the time consumed in performing such tasks without having to worry about paying downtime.

Virtual assistants are, indeed, cost-effective means of getting your secretarial jobs without having to cost you a whole budget needed to hire in-house staffs. Anyone can avail of these benefits: big companies, small enterprises, as well as individuals who need to keep their secretarial jobs done without having to hire a real secretary. Get one and earn the benefits yourself.


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