The Non-Basic Approach: What is Outsourcing?

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Some say it’s a devil, some say it’s an angel. But however they view it, they still avail it anyway.

When you ask what is outsourcing, a skin-deep definition will not be enough to satisfy your information hunger. The thing with this is that it is not just a simplistic industrial trend, but a much-debated strategy that will either build or destroy the face of the global trade.

Here we warn that this article does not only contain bits of information but also opinions. You may laugh or be enraged, so read at your own risk:

Not a Dirty Crime

Most of our American brothers out there are finding the trouble over the industry since it allegedly ‘steals’ jobs from the locals. Some even suggested banning the thing and deeming it illegal. We give them credit for their patriotism.

But what they didn’t know is that there are many booming outsourcing businesses out here because of the natural demand for the services. No, the culprit is not capitalistic greed but the normal tendency of any person to choose the more conducive solution.

You see, there are big differences between crime, charity work, and clean mutual tie-ups. If it is a crime, we must be feeding on the caprices of others. If it is charity work, we must be getting all the dollars without giving anything in return. But no, companies get offshore partners because there will a beneficial return to their industry.

The Gear is Still Moving

Before anybody throws curses, think.

If you perceive the situation as a sinking boat, you will know that it is us, third-world passengers in the steerage who will get to drown first. We’re no stupid to overlook that we, the commonplace will suffer far worse if Captain America loses his superpowers. But no nonetheless, the whole situation of it is rather a gear moving toward a higher economy. To say that outsourcers steal American jobs is plain hard to digest. So let’s chew this one at a time.

One regular Johnny loses his job because it is outsourced. And that’s terrible. He’ll lose his regular income, and knowing that he cannot last in that situation for long, he will start dusting off his resume and hunt for work. But then the job market is too crowded for him to get a decent job- horrible. Now what will he do next? It’s either he puts up his own business; he gets a higher degree or; he does nothing and stay starving for the rest of his life. If I were smart, I doubt he’ll settle for the third.

One day, we’ll see America with more entrepreneurs and less unemployed folks who clung to the dwindling job market. And guess, when that time comes, there’ll be more than enough jobs for everyone, especially for the former local clerks who will evolve into higher professionals like entrepreneurs, strategists, and designers. Leave alone the grunt work to hungrier clerks on the other side of the globe.

Peace, Love, Pay Roll

If all our reasons fail to convince you that outsourcing is not all bad, bad, and bad, at least we’d like to let you know that neither do we think that this business is not pure as driven snow.

With all honesty, even us, outsourcers, believe that outsourcing is just for the peripheral tasks. If you have a brand to preserve, then you must have the spine to expend a considerate amount for it. We’re after the payrolls and the cold calls, not the heart of your industry.