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9 Useful Social Media Features to Boost Your Business Online

There’s no doubt that social media continues to consume a big portion of everyone’s time. Whether for games, leisure, or business, it’s already part of our daily routine. Moreover, knowing the latest updates within established social media platforms will give your brand high chance to hop on a trend. Check out these new social media features that can give your business an online boost.

New Social Media Features for Your Business



facebook for business

1. Enhanced Local Search
Though it’s more of a trend than a feature, Facebook’s enhanced local search will help your business appear on a user’s suggestions of nearby places. If you have a physical store or shop, ensure that all your “About” details are complete and updated on your business page. Also, encourage your customers to leave a Facebook review the next time they visit.

2. Like Other Brands as Your Page
One great way to support and show your love for other brands is to like their page. But do you know that you can now do that using your business page? To like other brands, and in a way, promote your brand, using your business page, search for their page. Click the “three small dots” next to ‘Share’ button and select “Like As Your Page”.

3. Promote Your Page to Your Email Contacts
If you’re a startup company and just getting started on Facebook, invite all your email contacts to like your business page for initial growth. Just click the “…” on your page, select “Suggest Page”, and upload your contacts using your preferred email service. You can upload up to 5,000 contacts per day so it’ll be an awesome start for your brand.

4. Pin Posts on Top of Your Page
Direct your audience to important company posts, announcements, and events by pinning posts on top of your brand’s page. Look for the post you want to pin on your timeline, click the arrow on the upper right corner of the post, and choose “Pin to Top of Page”. Make sure to keep your pinned posts updated.

5. Customize the Look of Your Business Page
Another useful feature of Facebook is the customization of your business page. You can rearrange the sections of your page and put the most important content first. Just go to settings, choose “Edit Page”, and under the “Templates” section, edit the desired layout of your business page.


instagram for business

6. Live and Stories
These features give your followers and guests real-time activities of your business. Be creative when you promote events and display products. These automatically make you more discoverable to other Instagram users because you’ll be at the top of their feed when they open the app. Maximize these activities to inform your audience of your online availability and virtual presence. Promote your new blog by including a link or announcing it to your audience using your story. You can also go “live” on how to use your products or to answer frequently asked questions.

7. Push Notifications
Encouraging your followers to allow mobile push notifications from you will result in more engaged and repeat customers. Persuade them to “Turn on Post Notifications” from your page by offering time-sensitive deals and promotions.


twitter for business

8. Attach up to Four Images in a Tweet
Putting relevant images on your tweets can drive engagement by more than 300%. But do you know that you can now attach up to four images in a tweet and tag up to 10 users to each photo? Using these features can surely boost your reach and engagement at the same time.

9. Expanded 280-Character Tweets
Just before the year ends, Twitter has finally approved the larger character count. From the well-known 140-character limit, this social media platform has decided to double its character tweet limit to reduce cramming and let users express themselves better. Businesses can also take advantage of this change by posting more interesting descriptions and sales pitches. Cap off all your tweets with the best hashtags to amplify your contents.

There are many ways social media can help a business. Trying out these social media features of each of the established social media platforms can help give your brand an online boost and generate more followers. For more tips on using social media for business, visit our digital marketing service page.

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