7 Obvious Signs You’re with the Wrong Outsourcing Partner

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A healthy relationship is the basis of any outsourcing partnership. But how can you verify if the service you got still benefits your firm or harms its image?

To help you detect if you’re with the wrong outsourcing partner, here are the red flags you should watch out for.

Signs You Need a New Outsourcing Partner Now

1. Reduced Client Satisfaction

If client satisfaction is your top priority, then your business process outsourcing or BPO partner needs to give the same level of value to your clients as you do. One clear sign that your relationship is on the rocks is the consistent decline in client satisfaction scores. If your outsourcing partner doesn’t care or is not flexible enough to serve your clients better, it often aggravates the problem and may result in client loss.

2. High Attrition Rate

This is a common phenomenon among BPO firms, but you still need to pay attention if it happens often. Remember, above average agent attrition can be a sign that your service provider is losing ground in the labor market. Or your account is not as important to them. Either of these situations is likely to affect the service quality of your account.

3. Lack of Intent

If your outsourcing partner is doing exactly what it promised, no more, no less, then it’s a sign you need to consider hiring a new one. One reason could be that they are working with too many projects and and take you for granted. The other reason is they lack the intent to go the extra mile and are looking for easy money.

4. Missing Executives

Another red flag that you’re unlikely to receive the value you expect from your BPO partnership is the lack of communication between you and the executives of your provider. Higher ups from successful service providers connect with their key clients on a regular basis. If your only contact is an account rep, it means they are not placing you high enough on their priority list.

5. Constant Budget Raise

Unexplained and constant budget raise is another concern that can put a blot on your BPO partner’s image. Whenever they ask for a raise, let them explain and justify their cause. If you find their reason petty or vague, then it’s time to scrap your bond. It’s possible they’re trying to dupe you and profit from your unawareness.

6. Too Many Meetings

One of the main reasons your firm is outsourcing services is to focus on your core task. If you’re spending too much time observing and managing your service provider, then it’s a clear sign that things are not running smoothly. Healthy relationships should run on autopilot without overwhelming calls, meetings, and feedback sessions.

7. Eroding Financial Performance

Though not directly related, the financial health of your service provider can be a warning sign. Don’t ignore the consistent decline in revenue or profit, or client turnover because it may affect the services given to your firm. A solid financial health is crucial to your provider’s ability to invest in their clients, and investments are vital to forging partnerships in this industry.

is it time to find a new outsourcing partner

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