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Should You Outsource Your E-mail?

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Importance of getting support for your e-mail

E-mail is one of the most common means of communication especially in these times where the web plays a major role in most communication processes. Vital in businesses as well as with professional and personal correspondence, e-mails are considered to be the most used form of communication aside from the use of telephone lines and online messaging. With various forms of information being transferred online, the need for efficient and careful management of information is relevant for the stability and security of businesses.

Nonetheless, e-mail management is not the only task that any business should deal with. There are more important and essential tasks that should be handled aside from answering e-mails. Outsourcing e-mail support can provide efficient solutions for on-time customer inquiry replies; thus, improving the customer relationship services. Once this part of your business improves, one can see improvement in the overall business performance initiatives.

E-mail support outsourcing is an ideal way of providing support and assistance to your customers. Moreover, it will also help you save our precious time from having to face the computer and answer customer e-mails for 6-12 hours a day. Even if a huge bulk of mail arrives at your inbox, you can be assured that these will be effectively handled by professionals.

Apart from taking your hands off your inbox, getting e-mail support can be an effective tool in tracking all follow-up e-mails and ensuring clients receive the appropriate and accurate answers to their concerns. You can also request for a database of common questions that your customers ask. This can provide you with ready answers to your customers’ inquiries and requests.

Where to outsource your e-mail support?
The growth of outsourcing is nonetheless evident in many countries such as India, China, Philippines, and other budding outsourcing providers such as Malaysia, North Korea, and Canada. But despite the number of providers to choose from, there is still a big question that lingers every time a company or business owner decides to outsource: “Where should I send my outsourcing tasks?”

Typically, big outsourcing players like India, Philippines, and China will be competing for the best market shares and slots in the outsourcing industry. Nonetheless, when it comes to anything that focuses on customers and customer welfare, the best outsourcing destination is the Philippines.

Shameless outsourcing promotion? We think not…
This might sound a bit self-centered as promoting one’s own country when it comes to business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing. But we cannot deny the fact that the cultural set-up and the characteristics of the Filipinos made them fit in handling such customer-related tasks.

Capacity to provide unparalleled customer assistance
For one, Filipinos are highly hospitable and capable of providing assistance to any individuals. Since they are fond of entertaining and helping someone with their concerns and problems, they are indeed the best provider of customer assistance. Effective and reliable, they can give adequate solutions for various customer problems and are usually more than willing to help clients out with their concerns. With that, clients are assured to receive utmost customer service and assistance.

Proficient English and Multi-lingual Professionals
Apart from that, Filipinos have a huge pool of English-speaking professionals, making them proficient in handling both verbal and written inquiries. In addition, a new and growing pool of multi-lingual individuals is penetrating the outsourcing industry in the Philippines.

Hardworking and Reliable Manpower
Known for their capacity to undertake complex tasks with ease and minimal supervision, Filipinos are essentially adept in handling perplexing issues and problems. Even if your organization receives a huge bulk of customer e-mails, Filipino outsourcing providers can definitely handle these tasks.

More importantly, the cost of labor in the Philippines is lower compared to other outsourcing companies. Therefore, companies that prefer to outsource tasks especially e-mail support to outsourcing providers in the Philippines can get hold of high-quality assistance without costing an arm and leg for the company.